• “What the hell!” Night said once he saw a poster on the brick wall.
    It was the afternoon of the next day. Night was strolling along the ally, whistling a merry tune. Everything was going fine until he turned a corner and found that…poster. There were ten plastered on the same wall! It was white and read:
    Wanted, lost man.
    Height: unknown but tall
    Weight: normal, slim
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: golden
    Description: He is 18 years old and stubborn as a bull. He comes off as quiet or just plain rude. At first sight, he may look like a rogue that wants nothing but your misery. His name is Night, he may call himself Neij.
    If you find him, please come to the fountain at sunset.

    Night ripped up all the papers, the shreds fluttering around like snow flakes. He was mad. Mad because someone was trying to look for him. Mad because the person got the information wrong.
    I’m stubborn and looks like a rogue?! Night fumed, walking deeper into the ally. It’s that old man, he’s out to get me. But then an image of Mika came to his mind. She was the only one he told his fake name, Neij, too. That girl is going to pay.

    “Here you go. Here you go. Here you go.” Mika handed out every passerby a piece of paper with the information of the wanted man on it, the wanted man by the name of Night.
    Last night she had gone back to Pappy because she was curious, and nervous. Pappy saw the worried expression on his granddaughters’ face. Since she was already involved in the situation, he decided it would be best if she new the truth. That night, he told her everything about Night. His past, and the present. Mika now knew that The boy with a Thousand Names is a true story. She had put Night’s description and Neij’s description together, and they came out one hundred percent identical. They were the same person.
    “Here you go. Here you go. Here you go.” Mika continued. “Here you—”
    “Hey…I think I know this guy” someone says far ahead of Mika, talking to two other people. “Boss, isn’t this the guy that scared you—”
    “No!” the bigger man says. It was the goons that fought Night a few days ago. “I wasn’t scared. I thought you two could handle him”
    “But boss—”
    “Hey, you know him? You know Night?” Mika trudged to them, desperate.
    The boss blushed a little at the sight of petite little Mika. “Uh—yes, yes I do”
    “You don’t know who—” started Plank. Ralph elbowed him.
    “Shhh! Let the boss talk” he whispers to Plank. They turned and watched.
    “He’s an old friend of mine” the boss lied. Mika believed it.
    “No way! Where can I find him?”
    “Er…It’ll take awhile to find him. He’s a good hider, you know. Tell you what, meet me in the ally behind the coffee house. Be there once the road are cleared of people. If you do that, I’ll bring…Night…to you.”
    Mika thought about it for a moment, not sensing the danger. “Hmmm…sure! But why at night? Cause that’s the only time the streets are empty.”
    “Night is dangerous. He fools others by thinking he’s harmless, but he’s really bloodthirsty. It’s the only safe way. If I bring him during the day, he might hurt innocent people”
    “Oh…I see” It was hard to believe. She had met Night once, and he did seem harmless. But then again, it could’ve been an act. Pappy also told her that he’d changed. “Ok. I’ll be there” she shook the boss’s hand and thanked him, then turned and left. There was no need to pass out any more posters.
    Plank and Ralph eyed their boss. He was all glowing, cheeks flushed. They could’ve sworn his eyes were shining with hearts.
    “Ok, boys!” the boss says. Let’s go fetch the equipment.
    “To catch Night?” Plank asks.
    He looked at him as if he was a true idiot. “No. To capture the girl
    “Ohhhh” Plank and Ralph says in unison.
    The boss laughed, deep and mischievous. “She’s mine”
    part 7