• Chapter 1

    The sun rose in the Valley of the Hymns, as a child slowly began to drown in a pool of black nothingness. A black pool is which the stepping stones have failed to be breached in possibly hundreds of years. The nauseating smell of smoke with a hint of rotting lavender, embracing the child and cradling him. He cannot fight because his limbs are like jelly. The miniature pond, froths at the top, and rotates/spins in a violent motion as if a hurricane is about to erupt from the depths of this vessel. Slight cries and louder cackles can be heard and a serene humming goes on, and on, and on……… Why cant the guardian of this child here his muted but desperate cries. Can he not sense a disturbance.
    SILENCE, falls over this town. The storm has past. But is this child alive? He lays against the tree in an unconscious state. An effervescent light shines on the now calm pond, that almost took this child’s life.
    Beside him lay a rat type thing more like a gerbil. It is jet black, soaking wet, with big glistening orange eyes. Is it what calmed the storm? If it is let its heart, it must be a guardian angel.