• His breath lingered on her skin as his words still echoed in her ears. Her body had become rigid as soon as the words left his mouth.

    “I know what you did last night.” His voice was unfamiliar and gruff.

    Even with her sensitive hearing and superior eyesight, she had neither seen him nor heard him approach. The words couldn’t be true…could they? Her kind has always used extreme caution while feeding so as to not expose their secrets. Though the whole scene freaked her out, she had more important things to take care of. Bending down, she let water from the river flow into her hands and onto her head to clear her mind. She stood up and silently trotted from the clearing.

    The girl, Alice, had the typical body for her kind. Long, lean, and strong legs for silent but fast running. Larger ears than humans to catch even the slightest noises. An overall beautiful body to entice the male humans, a must in her society. A soft, yet seductive voice. Aside from her golden wings tucked neatly between her shoulder blades, her hair was her best feature. It was long, wavy, and golden brown, but shined red in the sunlight. Boys were always flocking around her, but she knew better than to mess with any of them, and eventually, they would give up. As for family, Alice had none. Her mother and father died in a legendary battle when she was an infant, which left no one to raise her. So, she raised herself. When she was around 5 years old, Marcus had found her, and he instantly taught her everything needed to know about their kind.

    Until that point, her wings were unfamiliar to her, and she knew she was different. She never socialized with other kids her age, never went to school, never even went into a city. She grew up in the forest. Marcus taught her how to fly and how to entice the human men to do what she wanted. The most important thing he ever taught her was how to properly hunt, because until then, she was feeding off plants. Her body craved more than plants, and she finally found satisfaction with deer and other large mammals.

    He also taught her the history of their kind. Why they were on this earth, why they had to stay secret, and how her parents had died. Marcus told her that they were legends, and everyone was familiar with them, and that it has been a great tragedy when they had died. Everyone lived in sorrow the years following their death, but eventually they had to move on.

    Her kind are a mix between good and evil, angels and vampires. The wings of angels, the thirst of vampires. The protection of angels, the teeth of vampires. It was an ancient species dating long before the birth of Christ where an Angel had a forbidden love with a Vampire. The result? The Vangels. They had lived in secret ever since, but there were always people that would somehow find out about them, but they were taken care of. Vangels lived all across the world, but were mostly populated in North America. They either lived in forests away from people or blended in with humans in the city.

    To humans, the Vangels appeared mostly normal, but Vangels could tell their kind apart from the humans. Some Vangels traveled in groups, like clans, hunting, living, whatever else. Most, though, lived in pairs. The beautiful girls with their chosen mates. Marcus had never found a mate, and it was too late now. Alice was too young to find her mate, so they worked well together.

    Currently, Alice was working on a mission for Marcus. This involved tracking down a certain young human man and bringing him to Marcus. Marcus refuses to disclose the details of why, but she trusts him, so she’s doing it. She didn’t know the boy’s name, but she was armed with his picture and his scent. Vangels have noses so strong that they can track a scent for thousands of miles. Can your Labrador do that? Didn’t think so.

    After leaving the dense growth of the forest, Alice has enough room to spread her wings, so she does and quickly gains altitude in the sky. Alice has to get above the clouds before any humans below see her. With her fast metabolism, she willhave to stop to feed soon, but for now, she will fly as far as she could...