• The Plan

    We knew this was going to happen. All of the warning signs were there. Did we just not want to believe what was imminent? Well, it happened. The Korean's expanding Nuclear Program was finally brought to the point they needed. Their plan was immaculate... and from the accounts told to me, extremely precise.
    Im sticking with my best buddy Cal,a girl named Sarah, and this guy Grant. I first met Sarah and Grant when we arrived at the Nuclear Refuge Facility somewhere past Fresno. Sarah and Grant knew each other, but they never told me from where. Sarah had some crazy burns on her left arm and leg that we had wrapped up and a sprained ankle. Grant had a bullet wound in his arm that pierced straight through his real nice leather jacket.
    The Refuge Facility, which was underground, had about a thousand rooms. Each numbered and measuring about 15 by 20 feet. It had nothing but necessity. No furniture except for the occasional metal chair and the military grade, cramped, triple bunk beds. The facility had grey concrete walls, most with piping running along them; possibly for plumbing or electrical.Other than that, there were some other rooms, guarded by locked doors. While waiting there, we all told our stories. Sarah went first:

    I was in my apartment doing my laundry and watching my shows when the Emergency Broadcast System switched me to Obama explaining the situation of the nuclear missiles launched from North Korea. I didn't realize the extent of the the situation until he explained that the missiles were targeted at all Nuclear Power’s main cities around the globe. Then, it switched to a KRON 4 news broadcast which had a timer on the bottom. I then realized, a nuke was coming to San Francisco! After a couple words from the anchor, it went back to Obama explaining the justification for launching non-nuclear missiles to intercept the nukes launched by North Korea and the launching of nukes at North Korea.
    That was all the information I needed. I called Grant and told him to meet me at the Glen Park BART Station an bring all his cash. Of course, he was already driving there. I grabbed all the cash I had and headed for the car.
    In the car I instantly turned on the radio for updates on the missiles. The said the approximate intercept time for the missiles were 45 minutes and the impact would be over the ocean somewhere between here and Hawaii. They said you would probably not be able to see the explosion since it was in the upper atmosphere and the sun was setting.
    I didn't really care about seeing the explosion, and as I pulled into the BART parking lot I realized another problem. There were at least a thousand people flooding the station! I called Grant. I asked him where he was parked, and he told me that he left his car right in front of the BART station. He also said he was still in it, looking at the crowd and thinking about driving out of the city.
    Then I said something along the lines of "That's a bad idea," or "I don't think so” (Why did I say that?). And I went to where his car was to get him. When I arrived at the car there was a man with a gun pointed at Grant. As I moved closer I heard what he was saying:
    "You know this car is mine now, right? Gimme the keys, now."
    Grant sure did love his BMW, but he isn't stupid and he valued his life over that car. The perp saw Grant looking at me and turned his gaze, with the gun still pointed at Grant Asked me:
    "You know this --?"
    Grant tried to grab the gun away while the guy's head was turned but ended up startling the guy and getting getting shot in his biceps. Blood was everywhere, the guy panicked and ran, and Grant knew it was an artery. He instinctively, took off his jacket and shirt and tried to cut off the circulation with the shirt while covering the wound. He put his jacket back on and we rushed into the station.
    Someone had a radio. I listened in on the missile updates:
    " As I am sad to report, the American-bound missiles that are planned to be intercepted are not the actual nuclear threat." The whole station went quiet," The actual threat has been flying towards the west coast of the United States under the radar. Hawaii has already been hit. We advise everyone to evacuate all major cities immediately and head underground. The missiles will arrive in approximately ten minutes for the coast, and 15 minutes for inland. Add one minute for every 2000 miles.
    The station went crazy, sirens went off, trains were packed... Grant and I squeezed onto one, but my ankle got caught in the door and the jostling of people didn't help me get loose. Instead it twisted and popped out, then popped back in.
    I screeched in pain, but there was no room to fall on the floor. “Conveniently,” right after I got my foot out of the door, the train lurched forward forcing me to catch myself on my injured ankle... another shriek, and we were on our way.
    Grant tried to find a seat for me. There were no free ones, so he started asking around, occasionally gesturing to my ankle, which was now blushing with an armada of blue hues. One man got up and even helped me to the seat.
    Now that I think about it, I really regret getting on that train. I guess, that we were just thinking about getting to where we were going, not how much time we had to get there. I guess we thought it would be safer to cross the bay.? A lot of people died because of that decision.
    The ride from Glen Park BART to The Embarcadero station took about 3 minutes. Another problem began there. Someone radioed the driver of the train to stop at the station. The soon-to-be murderers broke windows and tried to climb into the train. more people grabbed them, and more grabbed them. People were landing on others trying to get in, and the flood of people crushed even more people into walls and windows and onto me since I was still sitting in the seat which was on the opposite side of the station. Grant got pushed away from me and I couldn’t move. That whole ordeal wasted one minute.
    The driver was yelling frantically over the intercom, but no one could hear what he was saying over all this commotion and disorder. The trains breaks released, and those last ten... or one-hundred people tried to cram onto the train.
    The engines struggled to keep all the weight moving. We got a good distance into the tunnel when the weight took the ultimate toll on the engines. The engines screamed in defeat and lit fire. The driver clamped the breaks.
    The doors opened and most of us got out. When I looked down the tube my heart sank... Those lights did almost nothing. The driver ran down the side of the train screaming:
    “ What were you people thinking!!? How are we going to get out of this!?”
    “We could hurry and get to the other side...”one man put in.
    “We don’t have time for that!?”The driver was panicking.
    “It wont hurt to try” a mom explained “I’d rather try than just sit here”
    “We better get going then,” It was Grant’s voice, “we don’t have much time.”
    “Grant?” I shouted into the crowd.
    He followed my voice as I continued to call.
    “Lets get going” He shouted to everyone even though he seemed to be directing it at me.
    We kept running on and on, using our cell phones to see the ground beneath our feet, losing track of time, and then...
    It hit. A huge thud blasted down the tube, followed by an intensifying wave of searing heat. The tube cracked, sending some electrical wires busting out of their tubes and banging into some more pipes on the wall. I didn’t see this of course and brushed right across a pipe on the wall. Oh, it buuuuuuuurned.
    Once again another scream from yours truly. That little contact also sent an arc of electricity sparking up my arm. But don’t worry, the nerves were already dead by then.
    Grant came to help, again.. I told him I could walk and all that and we headed on to the West Oakland Station and caught a bus that took us here.

    . . . . . .

    “Those burns were nasty when we wrapped ‘em up” Cal remarked
    I asked Grant to tell his story: