• They were there, haunting me. For the millionth time I wished that I was like other mortals around me. I was always ignored and unwanted, because from the moment of my birth, I could see visions; visions that haunted me, that were disturbing, and that happened no matter how much I told myself that they would not. These visions seemed to make the people around me think I was crazy or loco. I did not care. All I wanted was a friend, someone who cared about me enough to not care about the fact that I was different. That person would not come for a very long time, but I could see that they would eventually. That alone was the single fact that kept me the way that I was.
    I could sense a death in the near future, a death and white lilies. This person would be someone who was dear. I had no one that was dear to me, for my mother died shortly after I turned four. Whether she died out of suicide or was murdered, I never knew. She told me little but my own name, Violet. I never knew what my last name was, or why she would not tell me. I had never known my father because she had left him shortly after she was due with me.
    Because I had visions from birth, I was also smarter than an average person. I understood when I was three the fact that my mother would leave me when I turned four, and that she would be leaving me even if it was not her choice.
    I did not know what would happen in my future, even though I had the small comfort that one day I would have a friend. My future was a veiled tapestry, a covered and closed book. When I was first born and learned to talk, I was so foolish as to want to help others. My mother told me that they would not listen, but sometimes I tried and was spurned for it. The people began to whisper that I was a demon’s spawn, possessed. My mother and I moved elsewhere, and I spoke no more of my foretelling.
    I had learned that if a person did believe me, if the event that I had said would happen did, then they would thank me and pay me to keep silent about the matter. I was not hurt. The question that plagued my mind was this: Why could others live their life in peace, while I was living (very much alive since death could not stop me; I was immortal to physical pain, for I healed almost instantly) subject to these visions and nightmares?!