• She slid to the floor, tears staining her cheeks. Reddening them crimson, like warm hot blood. The empty bed, with a white sheet over it, seemed still as silence that haunted the corners of her mind. Her pale skin, rampaged by a clouded weight. She looked up at her dead husband. The nurse and doctors had abandoned her in the empty white room.
    “Conner, why did you have to leave?” she breathed hard, it was almost as if , someone was holding her airway closed, “You promised, you'd always stay by my side.”
    She continued to cry, and eventually hours, maybe minutes, she dragged herself off the floor. Walking drunkenly to the door, her fingers touched the doorknob and shivered violently. Cold Chills everywhere.
    “Sariah...” the sheet moaned with deep intensity. Though when she turned there was no one or anything. No one to say her name.
    “I must be going crazy.” another cold rush enveloped her, into a desperate frenzy for heat. As a lover to his mate.
    “Conner?” I spoke softly scared to hear the answer.
    “I didn't leave.” it moaned so loud, and my heart raced like a wild mustang. Ghosts aren't real, and my husband is dead, cold dead, more so than some.
    “No.” I spoke back, the engulfing cold disappeared and concentrated a little more on my face, almost as if someone had grabbed my cheeks, and cold touched my sweetly tempting lips and for a moment I could feel my joy return. They fought throughout my entire body. Cat and mouse. He's dead, you can see him, his cold dead body. The mouse, he's alive, he's here, he came back. “You're not real. Please you're not real.”
    My hand took a five on the rector scale, there was a shush of wind, “I can't stay long.” he said, and my heart took a sharp stab, almost as if fingernails were gripping it's sides, pulling, tugging me.
    “What do you want me to do? What do I have to do for you to stay?”
    The was breeze, a sharp killing breeze and a knife fell and hit the floor with a ping. I shook in fear, with the last desperate cold breeze, “Die.” was the last moan, and the cool chilling air disappeared.
    I quickly, like a wild stag, grabbed the knife from the floor, and moved to get closer to the knife. Everything that could have possible entered my mind entered it, like an open book. It was a swampy mess, and I knelled over and cried, harder that I ever had. Desperate sobs, for what I couldn't have, and what I could.
    I thought about how and what I wanted to do with my life. Have a child, get married, have a great career, what I couldn't I do? A rush of everything in the world, and there was just one piece missing in my crucial life, Conner, I picked up the knife, and placed it over my heart.
    My last move, I pushed, and it went through grinding against my bones, like sandpaper, and through the soft tissue, till the tip touched my heart. A sharp white hot, searing pain, shot through my entire body. My breathe withdrew, and everything went still, blood flowing down my shirt.
    I held my breathe, and the cold returned and my Conner, stood there next to me, and I smiled, hitting the floor. He held out my hand, and I left everything, leaving with my gnotaum.