• chapter 1 -part 2

    Fininaly they reached their school.They meet up with Orcihimi and Chad.
    Chad also broke somthing.His leg...
    "Ichigo!"your at school!""Its so bad that you and Chad feel down the stairs."She winked wink
    She already new about Chad's and Ichigo's powers. And yet she was their too.Only getting a slice in the face she was fine.Chad was sitting in his wheel chair and smiled his lips.and not in a good way.
    A freshman came up to them...one they would have rather not seen.Yumiocho. The most annoying little girl in the whole world.plus she had a majure crush on Ichigo.She always wore a glove.Ichigo could never stop staring at the lumps under her glove.
    Today her gloves was pink with green glitters on it.Her hair up in her normal classy bun.
    Her brown hair was smooth and very thin.She had blue eycy eyes.
    "What hapnned??""We fell down the stairs."said Chad in his normal low voice.almost a mumble.We were suprised she heard what he said over the rumble of teens running to their class."You guys most hurt".she said.
    "Chad can I ask u somthing?""yes?"he said.
    "Do you work out ur lips too?" "Their huge!"she said.Chad's eyes got wide he was speechless. burning_eyes
    "I mean how do you get them that big they look like marshmallows".but muscular".
    She said.
    "I bet ur lips are nice and perfect ichigo".."you look nice in ur cast." heart heart by Ichigo i love you.Ichigos face did these too things. burning_eyes redface

    after that Chad wouldnt stop touching his lips.RING!!RRING!!the bell rang.