• Chapter 2: The Past

    As Kazuki saw Ivan, Ivan was in shock and had his guard down, Ivan was backstabbed by a bandit while not paying any attention.
    Ivan screamed out, "The pain!" as Ivan's guards finished off the last of the bandits Kazuki, Sven, Steven, and even Ivan were in relief.
    Once things were calmed Ivan explain everything.
    Kazuki repiled, "An, army of bandits coming to kill us?"
    Ivan sighed with anguish, "Thats right, we have to get out of here as quickly as possible, and Steven your in it too."
    Steven stated, "Why me? why am I caught into this!"
    Ivan said, "This wasn't a curse it's what fate brought you to and what fate brings you to you shall get rewarded."
    Steven repiled, "Fine, but how exactly do you three know each other?
    Ivan began to think and he said, "Well, it all started when we were just children, Kazuki here was the Royal Prince of Zepiloth."
    Steven was in shock, "Crown Prince of Zepiloth???"
    Ivan sighed, "Yes we met when he was wandering around the palace, see my father was General in 1st command and we saw Kazuki while my father was going to an important meeting."
    "I was so happy to see a child my age at the palace but i realized he wasn't normal for my father bowed his head to him."
    "My father asked me to play with Kazuki so we did and then we became fast friends once we were old enough we looked at the wars encounted by our army."
    "At first i thought it was spectacular but then i saw one of our men that fell, it was disrupting and i could not bear the pain of losing someone like that."
    "As we got older the King changed and Kazuki didn't like the actions of his father so Kazuki told me he was going to abandon him royalty i was saddened to hear his desicision but i couldn't stop him."
    "He left and was adopted by a foster family he sent me a letter saying that and that was the last i heard of him"
    Steven was amused, "He Fled from his own father how interesting."
    Kazuki stated, "I shall continue the story from there."
    "As i entered the village where the rest of my day i spent i found out a had a foster brother, and that person was Sven."
    "He was exactly like Ivan i was so happy that i met someone like Ivan"
    "As we grew into what we are now the army of Zephiloth came and ransacked the village, i fled while Sven followed me he was slowed he met Ivan but he halted him before Ivan finished him off"
    "He told him about me so Ivan didn't kill my brother, I ran until i reached some ruins i hid there but a bandit came and killed me"
    "A voice i heard after he killed me saying he gave me another life"
    "So then you found me, but meanwhile Sven was hurt by the same bandit that killed me but then Ivan finished off that bandit Sven kept following me"
    Ivan exclaimed, "So that's how we got here, i was slowed clearing off the bandits for Sven although we're not only chased by the bandits but the army as well."
    Kazuki stated, "Sven filled me up with the details upstairs before you came up"
    Steven in shock exclaimed, "Wow, i didn't know you've been through that much now im even more enthusiastic to help you!"
    That same day they started pack, Ivan gave everyone some spare armor and weapons to defend themselves.
    Ivan exclaimed, "Today we set off!"
    Everyone was behind Ivan by alot, Ivan yelled over
    "If you don't hurry up your going to get kill by the army and bandits!"
    Ivan grinned.
    Kazuki whispered to Steven, "He's the same as we were youth" Kazuki chuckled
    Ivan yelled, "I heard that!"
    Everyone screamed, "UH OH!"

    -----------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED------------------------------------------

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