• Chapter 1: Ressurection

    "Ugh.... where am I" Kazuki stated An Odd Voice whispered "Kazuki you have been reborn as a new"
    Kazuki firmly stated "My name is Kazuki?" Odd Voice "....Thats right, he doesnt remember anything...."
    As Kazuki regained conciousness he found out he was in a temple and the temple started to crumble.
    The Odd Voice screamed "Get out, get out before you die again!"
    Kazuki fled, he found himself in a forest
    "Dammit I remember everything this is bad the bandits will come again hearing the collapsing noise"
    Kazuki ran as far as possible until he ran into a strange man
    He Introduced himself "Hello what might a young fellow like you be wandering about these dangerous woods? My name is Steven, what is yours?"
    Kazuki never said a thing and by the lack of sleep and health he fell unconciouss.
    He regained his conciousness and he woke up in a bed.
    Steven cheered with relief "I'm so glad your awake i thought you were dead!
    Kazuki's stomach rumbled...
    "Ah it seems your hungry its a good thing i made breakfast now chow down hope you like it!"
    Kazuki ate it extremely fast.
    "Boy you sure do have an appetite, by the way i never had the chance to ask you of your name."
    Kazuki replied "My name is Kazuki"
    As soon as Kazuki said his name there was a knock on Steven's door.
    Steven went down to get it.
    Steven rejected the man and replied "No sir, i haven't seen him."
    The man left without saying anything.
    Steven went back upstairs running in terror.
    Steven screamed "Kazuki! you never told me you were being chased!"
    Kazuki said not a word.
    Steven sighed "Kazuki if you are being chased we're going to have to be more careful, is that understood?"
    Kazuki replied "Yes I understand."
    As it turned to nightfall a new knock at the door was heard this time Kazuki answered it.
    Another boy about Kazuki's age came.
    Kazuki said "Is that you brother? Sven???"
    Sven didn't speak he fell and blood was on his cloak.
    Kazuki screamed "Steven! come down there's a wounded man down here!"
    Steven rushed down to see the commotion.
    Steven with curiosity whispered "Who is that?"
    Kazuki screamed into his ear "It doesn't matter who he is he's wounded can't you see!?"
    Steven sighed "Right i'll get him a bed, you have to get wet cloth under the basin got it Kazuki?"
    Kazuki replied "Yes, of course!"
    As Steven took Sven upstairs, Sven regained conciousness.
    Sven moaned "Where's Kazuki?...."
    Steven replied "he's coming don't worry"
    As Kazuki got up he told Steven about Sven
    "So he's your long lost brother?" Steven replied
    Kazuki sighed "Yes, he is"
    Bandits crashed in and had weapons, Kazuki, Sven, and Steven were defenseless.
    Until there was the sound of backup.
    "Hold up bandits you won't get away this time!"
    Kazuki and Sven yelled "Ivan!"


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