• Wish upon a star
    No matter who you are

    Wish upon a star
    Believe in will
    The realm of the king of fantasy
    The master of the tale-like lore
    The way to kingdom I adore
    Where the warriors heart is pure
    Where the stories will come true


    Emerald eyes stared up at the midnight sky. The child had once again escaped the residence of It's only living family, the Dursleys, without their notice. Or perhaps they had noticed, but just didn't care. It loved coming here. The small meadow was It's own secret hideout. One of the very few things the child possessed which belonged to It, and not Dudley or Its Uncle or Aunt. It loved to run out here, to watch the stars at night and the clouds at day. But It preferred the stars.

    Sometimes It imagined the stars to be spheres of magic, instead of the distant spheres of Hydrogen and Helium It knew them to be. It would imagine the magical lights descending from the vast sky they resided in. They would tell It of distant and magical lands, filled with all sorts of mythical and mysterious creatures occupying these lands, these lands hidden from the ordinary individual. The magical orbs of light would share with It all of their secrets, all of what was hidden from It. And It would be amazed of the real, beautiful truth of everything.

    They would take It away from Its normal life, surrounded by hatred and indifference. They would lead It to these distant lands, and with it, they would show the child the wondrous beings occupying these lands. It just knew, that there'd be Unicorns and Dragons, Phoenixes and Sphinxes, and all sort of other creatures believed to be nothing more than a myth. And they all would be pure, innocent, wondrous, beautiful, amazing, stunning, soft, warm, changing, gentle, kind, and simply Perfect.

    Of course, no matter how many times It sat in the meadow, Its head held high, looking at the twinkling dots in the sky, despite how It wished and dreamt every time, despite how Its entire heart was in the wish, how It wished with Its entire being, nothing changed.

    No stars descended from the sky, It wasn't lead to any distant land nor told any secrets. And worst of all, there was no Unicorns or Dragons, there was no Phoenixes or Sphinxes, no magic. Everything remained the same. Cold, boring, repetitive, distant, cruel, tainted, indifferent, horrible, malicious, hateful, hard and normal. The small child hugged It's legs tightly to Its small chest while laying Its head on Its knees and closed Its eyes, mourning the Wish which never came true.

    The children song wasn't true.

    You Can't Wish Upon A Star, No Matter Who You Are.