• Someday...

    Hermione’s Point Of View

    I knew we didn’t belong together, but I never thought that something like this would happen. I never thought that he, the one I loved, the one I truly trusted, would end it so coldly, would reduce me to tears. I remember that night, it was the night we arrived at Hogwarts for our sixth year. As we sneaked out onto the castle grounds, I knew that something was wrong. He had been acting strangely, he never looked into my eyes, if he did he would turn away quickly, pain flickering across his face. He didn’t hold me the same way as he used to, he wouldn’t smile that beautiful smile I missed all summer. Things had changed.

    Draco pulled me to the edge of the forest and told me that we weren’t meant for each other, that we couldn’t be together anymore. I didn’t understand, for all I knew there could have been another girl, or he maybe just realized that he was pure-blood, and I was muggle born, a mud-blood some one would say. That night, he left me sitting in the cold crying. What I didn’t know, was that he still loved me in each and every way, and it hurt him to see me so sad, so miserable.

    That whole year I would study and pay attention in class, but other than that I was…I guess you could say, lifeless. Without him flashing me smiles when we walked by each other, my life seemed like a big Blah.

    Then on fifteenth of February, the Death Eaters attacked. I was on patrol on the second floor as Head Girl, when suddenly the hallway turned dark and a group of people ran past me.
    “Draco,” someone hissed.
    I turned towards the voice to see Draco standing before me frozen with an expression of pain.
    “Come Draco!” the voice hissed again, louder this time.
    Draco turned slowly and ran off to follow the group of Death Eaters. That’s when I realized Draco had become a Death Eater himself during the summer.
    How could he do this to me? Become a Death Eater? I stood shocked, until the screams and crashes from the floor bellow awoke me from my train of thoughts. I pulled my wand out from my pocket ran down to the fight.

    When I reached the top of the stairs I gasped. Draco was kneeling on the floor screaming in agony. A man in a long black cloak and a white mask stood over him with his wand raised in front of him.
    “You have betrayed the Dark Lord,” the man said in a raspy voice.
    “I did as you said, master,” Draco gasped.
    “Yes, you got my death eaters into Hogwarts. But you’re not loyal to me, you will die,” the man pointed his wand and Draco and muttered two words I’ll never forget; Avada Kedavra.

    I screamed as a jet of green light hit Draco. The man, the murderer glanced up at me, I supposed he probably would have killed me too, but just at that moment teachers burst into the room followed by a couple of students who were yelled at until they returned to their dorms. When I glanced back at the spot the murderer had been standing, he was gone. I ran down the stairs and fell to the floor next to Draco sobbing. I felt a hand on my shoulder; I looked up to see Professor McGonagall with tears in her eyes.

    The funeral was outside in the castle grounds, not too far from the place Draco left me. I stood in a silky black dress with silent tears streaming down my face in the shadows behind the Slytherins and teachers. No one else had thought to come. No one else knew what had really happened. No one else had felt what I felt that night.

    “Someday,” I whispered. “The Dark lord will not harm anyone anymore.”
    With each person he killed, he tore a family apart, an innocent live was taken away, hearts were broken, and tears fell. “Someday, you will fear the name Hermione, because she will be the one to stop you. Someday...”

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