sun down and the moon shone brightly,The sky was clear the stars dazed in space. As I lay down all alone in my cold chilly and eerie room.Still thinking about it. Was he was just trying to scare me or really warn me?Why I am so scared over a story? The black object could have been Brandon trying to scare me. All the sudden i heard voices faint. It was my dad's and Brandons.I could barely make out words as I leaned against the door they were clear as the night sky. No,more about the past about that this house is blessed now nothing can get anyone.I heard dad say.I am just trying to protect her. Brandon said.You know this is the past again this house is blessed from God. He would never let evail spirts enter this house. Plus they haven't even left the forest since the house was blessed.Dad said. I have a feeling that they are very attracted to your daughter-said Brandon. Dad whisperd something wich i could not hear. A door slammed and i heard Brandon walking to my room. I ran to my bed and acted like i was asleep.
    Brandon opned the door. Whisperd good night then gently closed the door i heard his foorsteps carry off into his room. As i lay here in my bed. I was scared. What was going on. I wnated to belive that it wasa joke. I looked out the window to the forest. Black as ever. Scarier than ever. I put the blanket of my head then finnaly fell asleep. I woke up in the morning crying from my dream. I was in the woods looking for the key. I found it and they took me down down in the earth and found the little girl.She was chained up burning still to detah. After she said help me I woke up. and walked to the kicthen. Brandon was under the sink fixing the fosset. Wears dad i asked. He went out to town for grocies. I gulped and grapped a box of cheerios and finanly got the gusts to tell Brandon what i heared last night. He smiled and finannly looked up from what he was doing. There is something out there that really wants ypour soul. said Brandon. Just stop it Brandon stop it! I don't belive you, I know its all a trick mess with the new girl.I said anger in my voice. I grabbed my bowl and went into my room to eat it. I was sick of this. Sick of it.