• Thunder Ridge Chapter One: The Boy

    174 B.C., The era of the dragons, man was enslaved by these foul creatures either as food was their fate or offering up endless bountys of food for the dragons.

    Men and women not of the dragonic race would be enslaved. But a peculiar race half dragon, half man wasn't treated the same. Better known as the Dracmans, were considered as royal and treated the same as dragons. Boys were to support the ruler, and become an heir to the royalty. Women had to marry and support their spouse.

    This dark era was ruled by a greedy king, Kratos or the King of Thunder Ridge.
    Kratos saw a human likely to his interest so he engaged to her. They had a son, the son was named Septhilroth. The king agreed this boy was a great heir to the throne. The mother envied the boy so she attempted to kill him.
    The king saw her attempt, the king quickly took action and slaughtered her.

    The king felt unpleasant and had discovered an illness. Septhilroth was kept inside a cavern with protection so the illness didn't get to the boy. On that same night Septhilroth's father had died. Sept was too young to take control of the kingdom so instead of the heir they chose new royalty. Dragons were banished from that realm and humans ruled. A dracman royal knight sent a dracobird with a carriage that held little Sept. While the dracmen fought with the humans they were out numbered and had no battle plan.

    The humans conquered the land and the dracman had vanished ever since that day.

    1 YEAR LATER!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Sept was dropped from the sky as the dracobird had died from human defense,
    Sept landed on a nearby human village and there he was raised.
    After he landed rumors started spreading about the boy and a strange presence. A woman named Illina and her husband Terrance took Sept in and raised him. Sept when he regained conciousness was suroundded by curious villagers. Illina secured him and laid him to bed, that night Sept had gained power from the dracman race.

    As it got darker Sept grew and grew.... the day after Sept looked like he was in his teens, The day after Illina, came up to wake him but then she saw the change she began to feel was hazardous, and felt dizzy she asked her self if that was a dream. Terrance was informed by the villagers what miracle had occured.

    The villagers taunted him and yelled "Demon, Foul Creature Why Must You Exist!". Sept said nothing and he vanished a week after without a trace.


    To Be Continued............................. DUM DA DUM!!!