• You know how a boring day goes on and on until you finally can't bear it? Well, that's what I was feeling right now. With nothing to do, it seems like the day

    possibly won't end.

    I'm April Shane, just an ordinary girl with silky jet-black hair and clear, playful eyes. I'm twelve years old right now, and I just had my birthday in March.

    Everyone says I'm like the month April, bringing showers. But let's get back to the topic.

    It was a hot summer day in July. I was licking off the last few precious drops of a popsicle. Mmm, strawberry. My favorite. Violet sat next to me, also finishing


    "This day just couldn't get any worse, can it?" I mumbled.

    "Mm," was all she could say.

    "I'm outta money. If only Dad gave us more. Hmph." I checked my change. Enough to buy small sodas for both of us. "You want Coke?" I asked.

    She nodded. "Let's go then."

    We immediately dashed to the drink stand by the beach. Violet handed the person our change and bought two refreshing drinks for us. I could barely wait.

    Neither did Vi. Boy, was I ready to drink the whole thing in one second!

    We dashed back to our shady spot under a nice, big oak tree. We started talking again while carefully sipping our Coke bit by bit so we won't run out. After we

    did run out, though, we changed into our swimsuits and dove into the ocean. The cool water soothed me from head to toe, until I could finally move.

    When we both resurfaced, our heads started bobbing up and down, without us controlling it. Soon I swam on my own, going down to try to catch fish and then

    release them. Maybe I'll find some empty shells for souvenirs.

    As Violet went looking for something interesting (like a coin or something), I dove deeper into the darkness. That's where I found my most amazing discovery.

    A gemstone. Glowing in the darkness.