• My name is Kanon, i live in a house in the beach. A long-long ago, there's a mystery in the sea. There's a ship in there floating 30 year's ago. I want to solve the mystery, but my father said no,no,no,and,no. Now I'm angry. I swim up to the sea and leave my parent's alone. They're screaming because of me. I don't know what happen but i don't care them, Because why can't i solve the mystery of the sea. But i was stupid, i leave my parent's alone. I come back to them, but there is a shadow and i can't see anything. When the shadow's gone, my parent's are gone too! I'm so shock, That why my parent's are gone!? I'm really stupid. I don't trust my parent's. I'm searching, and searching, and I'm tired. In the night, i was scared about the shadow thing this day. I walked up to my friend's house. But it's weird, it's say's in the board that it was 'sell house'. I don't know what happened, but, why is my friend doesn't tell me that she's leaving this town. i come back to my house, and.....I see there's a human that i doesn't know, but then, i use my binocular's to see that human. I see that is a man, with a black beard, with a crumple shirt, and he's pirate hat. And, i know who is that human! That is a pirate! then i said, "i better go swim to that ship. The mystery is begin now!". I go swim to the ship, and look at the ship. I look that the pirate's discussion something. I heard that human is on that ship! That mean's my parent's are in that ship too! And my friend's too! There's a room that like a cage, and i slink to the room and tip-toe quietly, because i don't want to wake the pirate's! I look
    that my parent's are there! I decide to shed the rope, and they're free! Then, we tip-toe again to swim, and, were save and sound.

    The End