• In the beginning there were just gods, creatures, Titans and giants in the Chaotic Realm. Many times wars erupted between the gods, dragons, Titans and giants. Dragons often were given the task of guarding the lower ranked creatures of the earth from both Titans and giants while the gods themselves were on the front lines of war. Most of these gods returned exhausted from the constant fights against these giants and Titans. Almost half the time they were almost beaten into defeat. These constant eruptions of war gave the realm its name of Chaotic.

    Often the Chaotic Gods themselves kept the battles from exploding onto the other realms. Such destruction would have been disastrous in the void. The gods from the other realms offered to help but almost none were taken. Advice was given and they were used to full extent but of course nothing changed of the constant war status.

    The other gods suggested an ally. A weaker version of the gods themselves but still powerful. This they took into mind with volunteers from the population. The weaker versions had perks. They had the speed that few gods can attain at an early age. Angels, that was what they were referred to. Demi-Gods were also another name for these beings but they were more artificial, thus used as the front line defense as well as the last before the gods themselves. The more wings they had, the more power they appeared to have and thus a class ranking system was unintentionally created because of the wings.

    For a time, the system worked but angels from the lower class started to rebel and often joined the ranks of the Titans against their own brethren. The gods were at a delima once more as more angels joined the Titans' ranks of war. Now this time they asked for help, they needed another ally that was less likely to rebel. Inflated egos and explosive tempers were characteristics of the chaotic realm's deity population. They wanted an ally which was based off another realm.

    The gods from the different realms discussed the issue. One set was chosen to the be models for the new ally race: the Type Realm Shinso. The Shinso were close to god-like but they had almost ninety percent of their power in reserve. That made them perfect candidates for the new race: humans.

    They had the grace and cold logic calculations to counter the Chaotic traits. Thus when humans were created, they were a breed with both Type and Chaotic traits. A balanced combination? Perhaps but there was one flaw, they were mortal and they died easily compared to their original counterparts. Nevertheless, the humans raised from bumbling cavemen to a civilization that worshiped the gods which they knew. No one had told these humans that they were created off the blueprints of a race of vampires.

    As time passed, the chaos erupted amongst the humans. Civilians caught in the crossfire of war. Gods had to keep peace although some started up the argument in the first place out of spite of others. The constant wars finally forced the Chaotics to accept help from the others. The Shinso complied, feeling that this was their problem as well. They helped create the humans in the Chaotic realm, they might as well fix the problem.

    The leaders of the Shinso, Type-Moon and Crimson Brunestud were personally asked for help by the gods. Having the two strongest of the Shinso to help was considered a smart move back then but now looked upon as a mistake. Dealing with the Shinso back then was like gambling with someone that had loaded dice. They asked for one thing back then, to be able to settle in the Chaotic realm. The gods agreed hastily, not listening to Cain's (the Chaotic God of Time) warning of a series of Vampire Wars to follow.

    First, the Shinso were placed into positions of power to handle the humans. However, later the gods of the Chaotic Realm started to notice the rapid decline in the human population. They confronted the Shinso of the matter and discovered their horrifying secret. The Shinso had an insatiable blood lust that many try to keep under control with the majority of their own power.

    Rumors spread like wildfire. The humans in their paranoia attacked the Shinso in a blind massacre. Blood spill flooded the rivers and soaked into the ground, never washed away completely. Some of the Shinso snapped and lost control of their blood lust with their rage of their fallen kin. These Fallen Shinso were the first of the demons to roam the lands of Earth. They gorged themselves on the human blood, finding a taste and thirst that cannot be satisfied. They gave into their hate and blood lust to become Demon Lords.

    They liked their released power. They were no longer reserved for keeping back the blood lust that the Shinso were so careful of hiding for the sake of their sanity. They used their locked powers and eventually set out to take down the gods themselves. Type-Moon, the King of the White Moon warned the celestials along with the Chaotic Time God and Chaotic God of Sorcery about the Demon Lords but they were dismissed. The gods believed that they were the most powerful of the realm but soon fell to the mercy of the Demon Lords. The Chaotic Gods held a counsel and enlisted Type-Moon to help in the first of the Vampire Wars along with the other Shinso.

    The plan was agreed upon, though many Shinso, gods, angels and humans alike were slain with heavy casualties. Type-Moon made a last ditch effort to take down the Demon Lords by raising the dead Shinso. First he raised his own brother, Crimson Moon, from the grave thus creating the first Dead Apostle. This gave the Shinso and the celestials an edge over the demon lords as the numbers once again rose. Dead Apostles were weaker in the sun but more lithe and just as powerful as the Demon Lords.

    The war continued until the victorious side was decided almost eight thousand years later. The end result was the Demon Lords stripped of the majority of their powers by Styx (the Chaotic God of Sorcery) and became mere mortal demons. They no longer reigned supreme over the gods or the Shinso but they were still considerably stronger than the humans. In this way, the gods created an item to limit their power and placed it over every demon to contain them. Some of the Shinso retreated back to their home realm, the others stayed with the Dead Apostles in the Chaotic Realm. Type-Moon was among the ones that stayed with his Dead Apostle Brother who was now the King of the Crimson Moon.

    With the Dead Apostle removed of their limits due to fear of insanity, they were free to taste blood. However, it came at the price of becoming dependent on blood to survive. At this, most of the Dead Apostles hunted the lowly demons for their once vampiric blood and high mana concentration. As the human population increased, they became fearful of both demons and the Dead Apostles. Thus came the founding of the Brimestone Society to handle the Dead Apostles for there were many of them. Eventually the numbers of the Dead Apostles declined from being repeatedly killed and tortured by Brimestone. Demons then came to join Brimestone to take revenge on the Dead Apostles that had hunted them indiscriminately.

    Now the tables have turned once again as Brimestone rose in power and force. The Dead Apostles then created minions to fetch blood for them so they may hide from Brimestone Society. These minions became common as time went on. They became the face of the vampiric race as the Dead Apostles and Shinso were forgotten. They were called vampires. Just that, no special term or significant title, just vampires. These vampires were dead-dead, unlike the Dead Apostles who were able to continue living after a period of time. These vampires were unable to breed unless of course, they drunk the blood of a higher ranked vampiric race such as the Dead Apostles or the Shinso themselves.

    Alas, the ancient races were forgotten as the vampires multiplied by creating more vampires through trial and error. The inexperienced ones would get ghouls or the living dead while those who have perfected the technique created more vampires. The numbers grew at an alarming rate to the point where Brimestone declared war on all vampiric races, setting forth the Second Vampire War which took almost seventeen hundred years. The Dead Apostles took notice and hid in the homes of the Shinsos for the time being, preferring to starve than to participate in another war again.

    Casualties were high on both sides though the Shinso remained unharmed for the most part. The populations of all the races were soon balanced out but the hate and fear of each other remained even to this day. Brimestone had still wanted to purge all vampiric races from the face of the Earth. They contacted the dragons for information and they were given the volumes of vampiric history that were recorded throughout the times, which pulled both ancient races of Shinso and Dead Apostle from the forgotten eras of the past and back into the light of the present. Demons went into a frenzy after re-discovering their lost history and soon were banished and now targeted by Brimestone.

    The hate does not stop for the demons declared war once more, but this time this was a three way war. Vampirics against demons and Brimestone, making a third Vampire War which lasted only for two thousand years. The vampires were victors of survival, the Dead Apostles and Shinso were experts at evading conflicts while the underlings were at the front lines. The strongest of the demons were forced underground into the pits of hell while the rest were stranded and scattered. The humans on the other hand had exhausted their resources and pulled out from the war which became a draw.