• “Hurry up, Draco! Your running late again!” my mom yelled up the hall. The first day of school since I kind of killed someone. Two years ago and they still send me to the asylum every Saturday.
    “I am going!” I shouted back in a pissed off tone.
    “Shut your mouth ,young man or I will send you to your favorite place,” she always pulled that trick. Anyways I hurried packed my bag, took a pocket knife while she wasn’t looking, and finished charging my cell phone.
    I waited at the bus stop for about thirty minutes before someone else came. This person was wearing a bright red shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I couldn’t tell if it was a she or a him or even if they where even paying any attention.
    “Hello, who are you?” I asked in a slow, somewhat if they were an alien kind of tone.
    “I’m not a ******** alien. And my name means nothing to a pitiful black haired fool like you,” from the sound of the voice I could tell it was a girl that was very pissed off. “Didn’t you hear me freak?”
    “I don’t like that word to be used against me,” I felt my hand dig into my back pocket where I put my knife. “I am going to give a few moments to think about what you said.”
    She dug into her bag and pulled an awfully large case. By the look of it I would say it wasn’t anything a normal person had. “I said, leave me alone, or I will blast your ******** head off. Understood?” She pulled a gun out of the case and pointed at my forehead.
    “Yes,” I stepped back and stood in my spot wondering what she meant by freak? Did she already know that I killed someone or was she just as crazy as me?
    “By the way,” she started to say, “my name is…” She stopped right as the bus rolled up.
    Later that day I sat alone at a table for lunch. Well, until the girl from the bus stop came back. “I didn’t say my name. It is…” the next moment I saw a gun to her head from the cops.
    “Your under arrest for killing people last week at your bus stop. Also for being a paid assassin of Draco’s mother to kill her own son.”
    When they said that I went berserk. I took my black jacket pulled the hood over my head took out the girls pistol and unloaded it on every person I saw. When it came to the girl, I pulled out my pocket knife pulled to her neck and said “My name is…” and slit the neck wide open. I took the knife and put it the table and carved, The poor corrupted souls of this world will be taken to the world below . Their blood will fill my blade and no one will know who I am. Sincerely, D.