• It was dark as they began to drag the female teen down the halls. “Get your hands off me you murderers!” screamed the young woman, bitting at the two men dragging her into the white room. As they locked her in she kicked against the door and screamed with all her heart. “Murderers!” she screamed.
    After a moment or two, she sighed and rested against the wall, gazing at the ceiling. “I’m not crazy. I was just working on those sketches,” she whispered softly, remembering the crayon sketches perfectly. She forced herself onto her legs and looked around the room. Nothing but emptiness. She figured as much.
    The fire, short haired teen grinned. “Kimi, you better hurry up or I will go insane here,” she said, pulling the gas mask over her nose and mouth. With nothing to do but wait, the bored young woman peered out the window of her cell as she heard faint screams and cries from the hallway. “What’s going on?” she asked herself.
    As she peered out the window, an enormous lizard thing had crawled by, hissing and licking the blood from it’s lips. The woman gazed wide-eyed at it and stepped bak a bit. Suddenly, the ground underneath her began to shake violently. She grinned as she turned around and ducked down. BOOM! Her room had exploded in half, debris crumbling and thick stone walls shattering like glass. The long haired girl with closed eyes smiled as she sat on the edge of the collapsing building.
    “Brilliant work my friend,” said the fire haired woman, jumping up onto the wall along side her friend. As they rushed to get out, the teen turned back and her heart suddenly stopped. A black haired teenaged boy had met his eyes with hers. Her body seemed to lock up and shut down as she saw him. Her friend caught her and brought her back up. “Kimi, I’m going back,” she said, running back into the building.
    As she ran through the collapsing building, it became more difficult to reach the boy. As the ceiling behind her collapsed, the green lizard appeared in front of her. The lizard had large crimson eyes, like blood and it was the size of a large dog. The lizard hissed and whipped it’s long tail against the door beside it. The teen looked at it and threw it open. The black haired teen looked up at her with dark eyes that quickly melted into eyes of hope. She looked at him more closely. He wore a straight jacket with many belts that tied him up. He had long black pants and black boots with a gas mask hanging on his neck.

    “Can you stand up?” she asked him. He nodded and jumped up onto his feet, the lizard slithering onto his shoulder. “Follow me,” she said, dashing out into the halls again and listening closely to hear her friends voice for a way out. She glanced back. The boy was keeping up incredibly. Her speed was inhuman, yet the boy kept up perfectly. She looked foreword again and saw an opening in one of the rooms.
    She dashed into the room and jumped out into the air, grabbing onto the side of the next building for dear life. She looked back to see the boy falling from the thirty story nut-house. She reached out to him, but he shook his head as his eyes began to glow white. She watched in amazement as the lizard on his back grew and twisted itself into a pair of wings. He soared upwards towards her, his eyes still snow white, fixed on hers. He grabbed her by the waist and soared upwards still, landing gently on the edge of the rooftop of the building.
    His eyes stopped glowing the wings on his back twisted back into the lizard. The black haired teen gasped an air of breath, like he hadn’t a breath of fresh air for so long, and fell foreword onto the ground. The shorter girl known as Kimi stood beside her friend stared strangely at the boy.
    “Who is this boy?” she asked, looking up at the fire haired teen. She shrugged and kneeled down next to him.
    “I saw him and just . . . I just had to help him escape,” she said. She held the boy in her arms and hauled him onto her back. “Let’s get him to the hanger. When he wakes up, we’ll help him from there.” she said. Her friend nodded and the two disappeared into the city’s depths.