• Scene 1:

    Voice: So you wish to be a new member for the Organization.
    Alex: Yes.
    Voice: ‘Kay. First off. What’s your name?
    Alex: Alex Shade.
    Voice: I can tell you’re a girl…
    Alex: If you couldn’t, you’d be a loser.
    ((Alex laughs))
    Voice: Next question. What is your weapon you use?
    Alex: Two kick
    Voice: Remember; this is a children’s show.
    Alex: Fine. Two totally awesome pipes used for beating my enemies senseless.
    Voice: Third. Is there any particular reason you wish to join?
    Alex: I pone all awesome skills and the Organization is so cool, it gives me the chills just thinking about it.
    Voice: You have mental problems, don’t you?
    Alex: It takes a mentally insane person to know a mentally insane person.
    ((Alex laughs))
    Voice: Okay. Final question. What are your skills?
    Alex: I can steal anyone’s weapons. Woo-Hoo!
    Voice: Okay, just don’t get yourself in trouble by stealing the weapons of Organization XIII. Interview’s over. I’ll get back to you tomorrow morning. Meet me here 8:35.
    Alex: Thank you very much.
    ((Alex tries to hug the voice but Alex is pushed away))
    Alex: Someone’s a grouch today.

    End Scene

    Scene 2:

    ((Alex is writing in her diary))
    Alex: Why do we say ‘Dear Diary’? It’s not like we’re writing to it. It sounds so dumb. We’re writing to ourselves.
    Voice: Then write ‘Dear me, myself, and I’. That makes more sense.
    Alex: For someone who has no common knowledge, you’re pretty smart.
    Voice: I’ll ignore that first part.
    Alex: I was only telling the truth.
    Voice: Next time, leave out the part that makes me mad.
    Alex: ‘Kay. Now back to my diary…What was I going to write about………Hey voice!?
    ((The voice doesn’t respond))
    Alex: Meanie Panda! Now let’s see, ‘Dear me, myself, and I: I forgot what I was originally going to write. So don’t hold it against me because I’m being random.’
    Diary: You’re always random. It tears my binding apart. Think of something better to write about. Your randomness is so annoying, I wish I was a lion’s diary.
    Alex: That’s not nice.
    Diary: Who cares. You’re random.
    Alex: Diaries shouldn’t talk back.
    Diary: And you shouldn’t be writing random nonsense in me.
    ((Alex gets up and throws the diary))
    Alex: And good writhen.
    ((Alex sits back down))
    Alex: I guess we do write to diaries…scary.

    End Scene

    Scene 3:

    ((Alex is dancing and singing to some music))
    Alex: ((singing)) I believe in miracles!
    Voice: You scare me sometimes.
    Alex: You don’t need to be mean about it.
    Voice: I’m not mean. I’m truthful.
    Alex: Hmp! Truthful? Why do I doubt that beyond many doubts?
    Voice: You doubt me? Ha! I know scary when I see scary.
    Alex: Then look at the camera. Let the audience see scary.
    Voice: No way. I can’t.
    Alex: Why not?
    Voice: Well, I’m the cameraperson and the props person. Without me, who’s going to throw the props at you?
    Alex: At me!? Don’t you mean to me!?
    Voice: No. If I throw them to you, you won’t be scared crazy. Then the show won’t be awesome.
    Alex: You’re so mean.
    Voice: Since when was I known for my niceness?
    ((Alex begins to go into thought.))
    Alex: There was that one…nope, I got nothing.
    Voice: Besides the point that that sounds so mean, you’re so correct.
    Alex: See? The truth doesn’t always hurt.
    Voice: Ignorance is bliss; knowledge is misery.
    Alex: That didn’t make any sense at all.
    Voice: It wasn’t supposed to.
    ((Alex shifts to the side))
    Alex: Why am I not surprised? Sighs I mean, you’re like a manga book. Obvious of what’s going to happen in the next volume.
    Voice: Normally that’s what I’d say. You stole my line!
    Alex: So?
    Voice: Well let’s end the scene.
    Alex: ‘Kay.

    End Scene

    Scene 4:

    Drevlin: Where am I? This is odd. Am I the only one here?
    Voice: Nope.
    ((Drevlin turns around with fear))
    Drevlin: Who are you?
    Voice: I’m the voice that follows people around.
    Drevlin: Do you have a name?
    Voice: People just refer to me as the voice that handles the camera and the props.
    Drevlin: I guess that makes sense.
    Voice: See? Everything makes sense sooner or later.
    Drevlin: Except you.
    Voice: Is it ‘be mean to the camera/props person week’?
    Drevlin: Must be. Since I’m like the second person to make fun of you.
    Voice: No, everyone at Wal-Mart were making fun of me.
    Drevlin: Then you must have been the idiot wearing wearing the witch out fit. And let me tell you, when you wear a witch outfit in July, you’re bound to be made fun of.
    Voice: Some advice. Scoffs I thought people are supposed to be nice to the camera/props people.
    Drevlin: Only if they were the director.
    Voice: I am the Director.
    Drevlin: You’ve got to be kidding me! Oh well, you’re fun to make fun of.
    Voice: And you’re mean.
    Drevlin: How did I know you were going to say that.
    Voice: Because you looked at my script.
    Drevlin: Curse that snitching scull in the corner of the room.
    Voice: Ha ha! I pone all awesomeness.
    Drevlin: Yeah, yeah, keep gloating.

    End Scene

    Scene 5:
    New Member

    Alex: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be late.
    ((Alex bows to apologize))
    Voice: Half an hour late. Well, it won’t change the results.
    ((Alex is so worried, she walks back and forth))
    Alex: Oh no! I failed! Don’t try to make me happy. I know I failed.
    Voice: Uh Alex?
    Alex: ((stops pacing and puts face in hands)) It’s okay, you don’t need to cheer me up.
    Voice: But Alex…
    Alex: ((looks like she’s about to cry)) I know, they didn’t accept me.
    Voice: They did, you loser.
    Alex: ((looks astonished)) They did?
    Voice: Yep.
    ((Alex falls to her knees.))
    Voice: Glad to see you’re so happy.
    Alex: Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve never been so happy!
    Voice: ((sarcastically)) I never would have noticed.
    Alex: ((jumps up)) Yay!
    ((Alex runs off screen yelling ‘yes’ over and over))

    End Scene

    Scene 6:

    Alex: The Organization is soooooo cheap. They gave me this lame-o cloak. I mean, it doesn’t even look like the other organization cloaks. It looks like a dementor outfit gone wrong.
    Drevlin: Do you always complain?
    Alex: You would to if you had to wear a terrible outfit. I feel like an outcast. An outcast, you hear me, AN OUTCAST!
    ((Alex sat down with her head in her hands))
    Drevlin: What if you sue them.
    Alex: They’ll fire me.
    Drevlin: You don’t need to hang out with losers like them.
    Alex: But they’re so cool. I want to be cool.
    Voice: You’ll never be cool.
    Drevlin: Where have you been?
    Alex: F.Y.I., she never leaves.
    Drevlin: I was just trying to make it sound as if she weren’t always around.
    Alex: Well it didn’t work.
    ((Alex and Drevlin were arguing))
    Drevlin: That’s because you ruined it.
    Voice: Uh guys?
    Alex: I ruined it? You should’ve warned me first.
    Voice: Guys?
    Drevlin: I thought you had common knowledge.
    Voice: I need to tell you something.
    Alex: I do. But I don’t understand guys.
    Voice: C’mon guys.
    Drevlin: Do you have something against guys?
    Voice: Will you listen?
    Alex: No just you.
    Voice: Please?
    Drevlin: What’s that supposed to mean.
    Voice: Hey guys?
    Alex: Take a wild guess.
    Drevlin: Why I ought to…
    ((Drevlin got caught off))
    Voice: Will you two listen to me!
    Alex/Drevlin: ((with fear)) Y-yes ma’am.
    ((The two backed up a couple steps))
    Voice: Good. Now what I was trying to say was that I did leave. It’s Sunday. So as my tradition, I grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen. You two should know that I have a cup every Sunday.
    Drevlin: Oh. I didn’t even notice you were gone.
    Alex: Ya, me neither.
    Voice: Before you two ruin anything else, I’ll just end the scene.

    End Scene

    Scene 7:
    The Greatest Invention

    ((Drevlin walks to the dimension transporter))
    Drevlin: Did you really make this?
    Voice: Yep. Made I all by myself. Go ahead, give it a try.
    Drevlin: All right!
    Alex: You really trust this demented person behind the camera to build something that won’t kill you?
    Drevlin: Nice vocab. Heh heh, ‘demented’. Heh heh.
    Alex: You’re bound to be blown up.
    Drevlin: And that’s a chance I’m daring to take. CHAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!
    ((Drevlin runs off screen))
    Alex: Fine then. ((No motivation)) charge.
    ((the camera follows Alex as she walks into the dimension transporter.))
    ((Alex walks out in a different out fit.))
    Drevlin: Pretty sweet place, huh?
    Alex: Ya, I guess. Hey, where’s our little voice that never shuts up? She did follow us, right?
    Drevlin: I don’t know. I guess we can tell her about this later.
    ((Drevlin walks around.))
    Drevlin: I feel like I’ve been here before.
    Alex: You dope, that’s because we never left the set.
    Drevlin: Really? Then where’s our voicey little friend?
    Alex: Cross off ‘little’ and I have no clue. She’s bound to show up.
    Voice: Back.
    Alex: Where were you?
    Voice: I was visiting the Countress.
    Drevlin: Don’t you mean ‘the Count’?
    Voice: No. The one I met was a countress.
    Alex: You make the oddest friends.
    Voice: Ya, you.
    ((the voice laughs.))
    Alex: You are completely cruel.
    Voice: I know.

    End Scene
    Scene 8:
    The Great Battle

    Voice: We join our friends on their epic journey through different dimensions. Alex and Drevlin seem to be arguing.
    Alex: We should take the left road. It will get us to the next town sooner.
    Drevlin: Hah! If we take the right, we’re bound to avoid trainers way out of our league.
    Alex: Fine, we’ll settle this with a Pokemon battle.
    Drevlin: Fine by me.
    ((the two pull out pokeballs))
    Drevlin: Charizard, I choose you!
    ((Charizard looks dead lying on the ground))
    Drevlin: Charizard, you weren’t supposed to die.
    ((Drevlin falls to his knees))
    Alex: Tsk, Tsk. Just goes to show that you have no skills in training Pokemon. This will be easy. Pikachu, take care of this chibified Charizard!
    ((Pikachu looks dead as well))
    Alex: Wha-? That’s not supposed to happen.
    Drevlin: Hah! You deserve it.
    Alex: You’re mean!
    Voice: The two seem immensely pathetic at their tremendous letdowns.
    Alex: sigh What should we do Voice?
    Voice: You’re asking me? Thank you. I’d choose in between the paths.
    Alex: Why between? That’s lame.
    Drevlin: Alex is right.
    Voice: Well, since you two couldn’t choose, I chose between.
    Alex: But it’s not good to go off the trail.
    Drevlin: Yeah, we’ll fail since our Pokemon are dead.
    Voice: sighs I’ll just end the scene.

    End Scene

    Scene 9:
    Ninja Days

    Alex: Being a ninja sucks. I don’t have stupid scroll to learn jutsus.
    Ninja: Hm? Who are you?
    Alex: Eh?
    Ninja: You’re a sound ninja!
    Alex: Huh?
    ((the ninja attacks))
    Alex: Rude much!
    ((Alex hits the ninja in the head))
    ((the ninja falls))
    Alex: Yeash. You’re really weak.
    Ninja: Who are you?
    Alex: My name is Alex Shade.
    Ninja: Alex? Hm. I’ve never seen you around here. You didn’t seem to
    know what I was talking about when I called you a sound ninja.
    Hm? You’re not from around here, are you?
    Alex: Nope.
    Ninja: Where are you from?
    Alex: I’ve mainly…uh…
    ((Alex turns away))
    Alex: What do I say? I can’t tell him that I’m not from this world.
    Ninja: Um…I can hear you.
    Alex: Eh?
    ((Alex runs away))
    End Scene

    ...To be continued as soon as I type more to it...