Please Red Description

    "That--.. That b*stard.." I scoffed as I ripped and crumpled that trash. I couldn't help it but cry. My sister is dead, and there's no one to live with anymore. It would be different.
    "Hey Kyoko! I'm going to work! I'll help out many patients as I can!"
    I flinched as someone's broad hand touched my back. I swapped the hand away, and they stepped a few steps away from me. "She needs some time alone," one of them said. The police men said that was the end of the day for them, and so they left me. The landlady came over and sighed. She cried a bit too, saying "Yes, she was a fine young lady.."

    Another Dream happened...

    Hi Miss.. Alice..
    With glass eyes..

    I had a dream..
    What kind of dream
    Are you able to have?

    A flashback of my sister..
    Entranced By?
    On the cold floor, dead.
    Again for me..
    My heart tears apart..

    I've been having these brutal dreams..
    And flows out..
    Memories pierce into the mended crevice
    I hope it ends soon..