• The teacher stands in front of the class, arms folded across her chest.
    "Now," she says, clearing her throat, "this is not how a class is to behave! A normal class does not function like this, what is wrong with all of you?"
    She soon sees that no one is so much as flinching at the sound of her shrill voice.
    "Can anyone here even define normal!" she finally screams, the sound of it ringing in each little ear. She smiles a little as the heads shot up. First day on the job, at least she got their attention.
    The timid quiant children shrug into their seats a little, as if it will hide them. One passively raises his hand. The others glower at his cute little face.
    "Yes?" she sighs.
    The boy stands up, then falls to the floor, feigning death.

    Odd, how wise a young child can be. Four years old and he already had discovered a fact that most adults fail to realize.