• In an erie wood, there was said to be a magical being roaming and casting evil upon all those who stepped foot in this forest. This did not scare little Katie and her brother Victor. Step by step they entered the forest but only to find a magical enchantress with odd skin and marking, crying. The enchantress seemed only 15 and yet wisdom seeped threw all her bones, she looked up with teary eyes and quickly tied the sash back across her face.

    The enchantress bellowed "Who are you to enter MY wood?"

    Katie who was much braver than Victor quickly replied " Well, we have heard so many stories about you but we never had believed them. So we wanted to see if we could be your friends." The enchantresses face lit up like a firework on the fourth of july.

    "You want to be my friends?" the enchantress said eagerly.
    Katie nodded and Victor stepped out behind his sister and ran toward the enchantress, this frightened the enchantress so she minimized him and gave him blue hair, odd. Then Katie ran up to help her brother thus scaring the enchantress further, and the enchantress turned her into a little star. They could not leave the forest in their new forms, and eventually forgave the enchantress and they were all the best of friends but not for long...

    They were driven out of their enchanted wood and had to leave each other because of humans, which Katie and Victor once were, were chopping down trees and killing their once beautiful woods. The enchantress, whose name was Diana, could not stand this so she cast a curse on the humans so that the Earth's temperature shall rise and that they shall all die. Her last burst of magic was given to Katie and Victor who she sent to live in the universe, she could not live without the wood for she was bound to it.

    "At least," she thought to herself. "I have a curse that will live on although i will die." and with that she had disappeared into the world of the dead.