• Alice lived in a quite cabin in the woods. She never thought that the stories her mother told her when she was little, weren't true. That all changes soon.

    Chris lived in Boston, hiding from society. He was looking for a way to live without becoming the complete monster that he was suppose to be.

    tab When I woke this morning, my room wasn't the cabin I was use to. I forgot that I had moved to Boston. My mom died today 13 years ago. Now I am here to see why she died. She always told me that when i was old enough I will know why she lived in the woods.

    tab My creator said that would have to resist my future, but now that i think about it, it has already been set. Now all i need is to find my match, he said that she has now moved here and if i go out today i will find her.

    tab (later that day)"Oh i am so sorry, i didn't mean to run in to you, I am new here and still trying to find my way around." " It's, would you like me to help you around?" " Uhh... sure, by the way, I am Alice and you?" " I am Chris, where are you going?" " Somewhere with books and a big clock on it, I think." " Oh That is right next to my house, after you have done what you need to, would you like to come join me for linch?" " Sure, I'll see you at 3:30, okay" "Okay, see you the."

    tab What is he? He has no color, and a very soft, velvety voice,and an amazing smile.

    tab I need to see her again, everyday again. How can I survive, how can I live, I am a monster.

    tab Well It's 3:27, guess I have to go over-there, Well here goes everything.

    tab [" Hello Alice." " Hello, how are you?" " fine, thank-you, and you?" "Good." "May i take your coat?" " Um, sure, here you go."

    tab Three years later. Wow I'm getting married. I cant believe that Chris is my... my ... oh never mind, we're getting married.

    tab All those years, and now i have her.

    tab "So how do you feel about being Mrs. Craft?" " Wonderful" " I have to tell you the biggest secret of my life and soon to be your life, I am not human I am a......"
    " Shh I already know."