• “Pathetic human. Get out of the way,” a creature shoved me out of the way. I couldn’t get a solid look at him. All I could see was a darken outline of his what looks like an angel. “Get the hell out of here or you will…” it cut of there as a huge bolt of light blasted at him pushing him back.
    “Are you okay?” my five year-old self asked. “I can call 911,” I told the mysterious being ,as I held up the phone to him to show I could.
    He reached out and shoved me against the cement of the basement, “I am here to protect you. Don’t move at all!” He picked up a crescent like blade attached to a stick and sliced it threw the air to get ride of the creature.
    As watched these creatures fight I saw something familiar about the angel looking person. He looked as if was my dead father. I sat there watching a father like angel attack a small little imp looking thing that was no taller than four feet.
    “Sir, why don’t you kill him now?” I asked waiting for the frightening living nightmare to be over and done with ,but with no response he raised the weird tool to the creatures head and with a swift jerk he decapitated the imps head. The father like object vanished.
    The next day I told the story to my parent and they thought I had an everyday nightmare. “But, Mooommmmm… It wasn’t-” I was brutally cut off by my mother.
    “It was just a dream honey nothing more.” she said as if nothing happened.
    Eighteen years later, I was always interest in what happened that night. I have study everything I could on that angel like creature and the same answer appears ‘Angel of Death’.
    “So how is it going little guy,” I heard a voice from behind me appeared out of no ware. It was my college buddy for a year before I quit to continue my research on the thing. “You still studying about that nightmare.”
    “Hey, it isn’t a dream. It was real, okay?” I struck back.
    “I know just messing with ya,” he told me.
    I stood and started to leave until I saw it again. “There it is, man.”
    “Ha-ha very funny du…” his voice trailed off into nothing as the angel like creature killed him without a scent of guilt.
    “Hey!” I screamed at him, “Why the hell did you kill him?!?! I demand an answer!” I stood my ground unafraid of the consequence.
    “It is my job, boy.” it responded as if I knew. “Come here and I will show you your future ,if you let me?”
    I took a step forward unafraid to look at him. I could see everything. His angel like wings were blacker than jet black and him robe was black as midnight and at the ends on the arms came into shredded cloth. His skin was paler than a ghost and hair long and black. His eyes were just black pits with flame red at the center of them. He seemed to float in mid-air and his weapon I saw was no where to be seen.
    “Are you coming?” he gestured a ‘come in’ hand signal into a vortex.
    “Okay…” I twitched a little as I walked towards the gate. The gate showed a reflection into a hell-like world.