• There was a girl named Jenny. She's an ugly girl but have a good heart. She's 18 years old. She never had a boyfriend ever. She also have no friends because no want to be her friend. One day, while walking, she saw a car and she almost hit by it. Suddenly, there was a boy who came to rescue her. Jenny thank him so much for that. From then on, they become close friends. The boy is so handsome and all the girls want to be with him because he's not only handsome but also rich, intelligent and have a good heart.
    The day pass by and they become closer and closer. Later on, the boy feels that he's in love with Jenny because of her good heart. He's trying to tell it to Jenny but he's afraid because Jenny don't trust boys that much. But the day came and the boy already told Jenny how he feels. At first Jenny don't believe but the boy really do every thing to prove that he really loves her. Jenny already believe him because of what he's doing. They become partners. Jenny is very happy because she really feels that the boy loves her so much inspite of her look. But one day, something bad happen. Jenny saw the boy with another girl and that girl is so beautiful. Jenny got angry but she do not let the boy see what she feels. She went home crying. The boy is texting and calling her many times but no reply. Because of that, the boy decided already to go to Jenny's house. He beg her but she's not listening to him.
    One night, Jenny heard the news about her boyfriend. The people says that the boy attempt to kill himself. He drink overdose of medicine. The boy now is on the hospital and when Jenny heard it , she went to the hospital quickly. When she's there she saw again the girl with the boy the girl called her and ask to come closer. The girl told Jenny that the boy is her brother. Jenny was shocked and got guilty. The girl start telling story about their family. She said that the boy is only 6 years old when their parents die by an accident. After two weeks being comatose. The boy woke up already and Jenny is very happy for that. When the boy came out of the hospital, the boy asked Jenny to marry him. Jenny said yes without any doubt. After one month preparation, Jenny and the boy got married. And they live happily together.