• I opened my eyes cautiously, and I could see two beautiful, god-like faces, looking concernedly down at me. Heaven?

    No. Not heaven, just Mikaeli, and one of his.. brothers.

    The brother, I realised about a split second later, was holding me in his arms. Then I remembered.

    I had fainted.


    That must of given a lovely impression, I thought wryly. Mikaeli and the other one realised I was awake, and Mikaeli called the 3 others over with a short word in that language I was beginning to detest.

    Over to my right, I heard a soft chuckle, and I craned my head round to see who it was. A girl with pale strawberry-blonde hair stepped forward, smiling a little. "Hi Ch- CisandrĂ­. I'm Kelly." she introduced herself in a normal yet happy voice, melodic, and her face smiled welcomely - I couldn't help smiling back.
    I could feel my holder's arms relax a bit when he saw my smile - obviously he must of been slightly tense about my reaction. I couldn't blame him either, since last time I had seen these people, I had fainted. The thought almost made me shudder - how awful, they must think they were talking to somone with half a brain. This girl had curly chin-length hair that twisted all over her neck and cheeks, she was wearing a pale blue tee and jeans, which looked casual yet special on someone so pretty. It almost made me depressed next to my own tatty appearance.
    The other girl stepped forward, her eyes on my face, wary. She was beautiful too, in a sharper, elfen way, her gold hair flowing over her shoulders. She was wearing a white slip dress with puffy sleeves. "I'm Emily." she said in a high, soft musical voice. "It's nice to meet you, CisandrĂ­." she said my name deliberately, as if making sure she didn't say anything else. I nodded, smiling a little timidly, my throat suddenly too dry to say anything as a handsome male stepped forward when Emily stepped back.
    "I'm Lukes, good to seeya." He said, grinning in a friendly way, and my smile grew wider too.
    He was.. well, hot. He had short cropped blonde hair, had a grey top on and dark blue jeans, but even in the casual clothes, he looked stately, majestic.
    Then the guy holding me cleared his throat, and my head snapped back to him, eyes wide. He smiled nicely before he spoke., setting me down carefully but keeping one hand on my shoulder - I was glad of this.. it made me feel better somehow. I didn't know why, and it scared me slightly, so I pushed the thought to the back of my mind.
    "You have met Mikaeli, and the others now too. I'm Leon." he smiled again, and I could feel a blush spread slowly on my cheeks, as I smiled back. It was wierd, I never blushed..
    "Um, well, you know I'm CisandrĂ­, all of you.." The words seemed to sound rude to me, and I wished I could pull them back into my mouth as soon as I had said them, but the group didn't seem to take offence. Leon nodded.
    "Yes. Well, I guess you have some questions... I mean, waking up in a strange land to find yourself nowhere, with no memories, and a bunch of people who seem to know you.. Let us explain first." He smiled wryly, as he said, and I looked deep into his liquid brown eyes - it was if he had plucked the thought from my head. I let him continue, as I thought abstractly about how those brown eyes were just a shade off from my chocolate roan hair.. my thoughts were trailing, and I panickly brought them back to Leon before he began speaking.
    "Here in this world, legends speak of.. well, a calling, if you will. A person waking up to find themselves in strange world, no memory, identity. It has been just that, a legend, until you happened. These people would be people who had been living a life before, but they had done.. something that made this memory wipe happen. These people would be able to forget every sin they made, every memory, and begin life again as a .. begin life anew." I regsitered the pause in his story, and filed it away with my other facts I was suspicious of; the near name mistake of Kelly's, delbiratedness of my name with Emily, Lukes' friendliness.. this stuff I noticed was wierd, and I would find out why sometime. Leon continued.
    "We knew you as Chara. You lived here with us - Lukes is your brother, and he introduced you to us." That would explain the friendliness - one thing to tick off the list. Did that mean I wasn't related to Leon? Excellent, I thought, but ticked myself off in my head; I couldn't be thinking this.
    I had been looking at Leon's serious face while he had been talking but know I glanced at the others, and noticed more. Mikaeli was glancing at Emily, while Emily looked forward at me with a courteous expression on her face - from his glance, I guessed Mikaeli was with Emily.. as a couple, I mean. And when I looked at Kelly and Lukes, they were holding hands - It seemed the others were coupled, with the exception of Leon. that thought thrilled me, though I didn't let myself think about it long enough to be happy, as the feeling was accompanied by a low ache.

    And I needed to know more, about myself, my old self and the person I was to become, about this place, about those suspicious pauses in the story, and about Leon himself.

    I was happy that this gave me more reason to hear Leon talk, though I dug my nails into my palm as I thought this. I didn't deserve to be happy - but I didn't know why. I was sure Leon would tell me. I trusted him to tell me everything.