• Paige walked down the street humming to her self. She had just gotten a date with what was considered to be one of the hottest guys in school! She skipped a little and giggled to herself as she thought about how he had asked her. It had been lunchtime and she had been sitting in the cafeteria eating with her friends when Freddy had casually strolled over to her table and looked directly at her and said, “Paige, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me tonight?”

    Paige blushed, but continued to stare into Freddy’s perfect brown eyes. His dark brown bangs hung just above his eyes. Paige dry swallowed then said, “I’d love to…”

    “Right, pick you up at seven then.” Freddy said before turning and walking back to his table.

    Right at that moment Paige felt so light and buoyant, that she might have floated off if Ryan hadn’t shown up and sat down across from her then. “Hey Paige, you staring into space? It’s nice this time of year,” he said jokingly while opening his chocolate milk and smiling.

    “Oh… hi Ryan. Guess what just happened to me?” Paige said, and without waiting for an answer said, “Freddy Weston just asked me out.”

    Ryan glanced up at her, the smile fading, but then it returned and he said, “That’s great, I hope you have fun. Hey I was wondering if I could come over on Saturday and we could study for the anatomy test next Tuesday?”

    “Sure…” Paige answered partially back in dreamland visualizing her date that night.

    Paige hadn’t really needed to answer because Ryan had been coming over whenever he wanted since kindergarten. The two had been neighbors and they had walked to school together everyday since the first. The two had continued to be friends all through elementary, middle, and now high school.

    Paige and Ryan dumped their trays at the end of the lunch period and Ryan said, “I’ll see you Saturday then."

    Paige barely heard him as she floated on a cloud of dreamy happiness. She walked home from school and woke up from her dream realizing how much she had to do before tonight’s date. She took a shower and did her blonde hair up in a messy bun… then she did her make-up. Next came the hard part… what to wear? She sorted through and tried on several outfits before deciding on a knee length denim skirt, a dark green tank top and a light kaki shrug. She put on some dangling star earrings and a necklace to match. She looked at her self in her full-length mirror and decided it would do for tonight. Then she grabbed her purse and went to wait for Freddy to show up.