• "And the winners are... the Tennesseeans from down under!!" the annoucer yelled over the mic as Amber, Crissy, Joey, and Kevin jumped up in surprise and joy. "For their original Final Fantasy Viii outfits! Congrats guys!" he walked onto the stage with the group and shook their hands as they thanked him over and over. "And the grand prize is this rare, on e of a kind CD collection of the original soundtrack to Final Fantasy Viii and a one paid trip, all money you need, trip to TOKYO!!!"
    "Oh my god!!!!" Amber cried as her and Crissy jumped up and down screaming with delight.
    "Hell yeah!!" Joey and Kevin yelled as the crowd cheered them on as the group collected their huge check for the trip and walked off the stage smiling ear to ear.
    "I'm so speechless!! I never knew the trip was included too!!!" Amber yelled still very much excited.
    "And we don't have to wait till our wedding to go to Tokyo!" Kevin laughed as Crissy giggled at Amber's blushing face, but she smile nonetheless.
    "I can't wait!" Crissy's heart pounded as she laughed, "When do we leave?"
    "Well, the tickets say in 2 days." Kevin said, looking at the plane tickets in his hand.
    "We're still going back to Tokyo on our honeymoon Kevin." Amber pointed her index finger at him as he smiled.
    "Of course!"
    "You guys chill. You still got at least another year till your wedding date." Joey said, rolling his eyes as they all laughed.
    "Well, at least this time you'll leave Japan without a certain something growing in your womb." Kevin said slyly as he smiled evilly at Amber, who was blushing.
    "Ewww guys! Save it!" Crissy and Joey yelled as Kevin laughed evilly.
    "While we're there you're not going to be planting your seed. I'll make sure of that." Crissy groaned as Kevin blushed. "Chill you guys. We got shopping to do! There's 4 hours left in Anime-Con and this is the last day!" Amber pointed at the clock on her cell phone as Crissy agreed.
    "MANGA!!!!!" Amber and Crissy screamed together as they ran towards the manga booths.
    "Wait up!!" Joey called as Kevin and he followed them. But as soon as they started Amber came to a smoking halt.
    "Amber? Baby, what's wrong?" Kevin asked, standing by her side.
    "Is it your heart again?" Crissy came to Amber's side as she rubbed her shoulder. Amber remained silent, staring forward in a trance as Kevin watched her eyes grow bigger. "Baby?" he gently touched her hand, "Babe..."
    "Huh? What?" she finally came to.
    "What's wrong?" all their faces were stained with worriment.
    "You didn't hear it?"
    "Hear what?" Joey asked eyeing her strangely.
    "That voice."
    "Baby, you need to sit down, you've have too much of an exciting day."
    "No! Did you hear it?" her face remained as serious as she backed away from Kevin's hand.
    "We didn't hear anything Amber." Crissy said, looking around the room, "You okay?"
    "I heard it! I swear it!"
    "Calm down baby, your heart..."
    "Don't you believe me?" just as she asked she froze again, gasping.
    "This isn't funny Amber, cut it out!" Joey growled.
    "HELP US...."
    "What the-?!"Kevin yelled, grabbing Amber's arm, protecting her.
    "What was that?!" Crissy yelled, looking about in a panic.
    "HELP US...PLEASE..."
    "I must be on drugs!" the whole room froze in place, leaving only them free to move.
    "Show yourself!!" Kevin screamed, his hand tightly gripping Amber's hand.
    "Kevin..." Amber looked around when a bright light surrounded them. "Kevin!"
    "Whose that?!!" a creature, so foul that she didn't even have a face arose from a dark rip in time as she screamed out her anger.
    "That Ultimeica!!!" Amber screamed in horror.
    "Final Fantasy-!!!" Joey started but was cut off by Amber's screams as he looked over towards her direction to find her sinking into the concrete floor, waist said deep!
    "Amber!!" Kevin held onto her hands with all his might as he was slowly being dragged down with her.
    "Kevin!!!" tears poured from Ambers face as she held on for dear life. But her cries weren't the only ones as Crissy and Joey cried out, sinking quickly into the floor. "I WON'T LET YOU LIVE!!!" Ultimecia screamed as the floor suddenly turned into a liquid, collapsing everything as it flowed together, mixing all the colors and people together. "TIME WILL COMPRESS...."
    "NO!!" an angelic voice cried as an even brighter, white light engulfed the group, "I'LL TAKE YOU TO MY WORLD!!"
    "Kevin!!" Amber cried out, still holding on.
    "Hold on to me!!!"
    "I'm slipping!!!"
    "AAAMMMBBBBBEEERRRRR!!!!!" and with that, the group was totally engulfed into the floor, covered in the white, hot light as they heard Ultimecia scream in even more anger as she cursed them.

    Amber screamed insanely, falling deeper and deeper into the putty like substance that was once a floor as she finally emerged from it, revealing white, fluffy cloud passing her violently and swiftly by her. Amber gasped, seeing nothing but ocean and land as she fell, her long, long blond hair whipping violently over her head.
    "OH MY GOD!!!" I'M GONNA DIE!!" she screamed, tears flying from her eyes as they flew away. "Kevin...I...love you...so much...good-bye..." she finally whispered, her voice becoming horse as she saw the ocean's surface growing nearer with every millisecond. But as she readied herself for the hit she noticed a vessel floating in the waters, a huge cruise like boat as she gasped. Falling even faster her mind raced for an escape as she saw the vessel become into proportion. Balamb Garden swam by, almost directly into her falling path as she hit the side of the vessel's steel wall, sliding down its' shell as she dug her fingers into the metal to catch herself. Blood streaked down the side of the Garden from her peeling fingers as they scraped to almost bone, still Amber screaming when she hit an projected edge of the Garden, tossing and mangling her as she heard her leg cracking and splinter the bone through her skin. Again, hitting another projected edge sticking out from the Garden as her shoulder tore open, spilling blood everywhere, pouring crimson down the sides of the vessel, streaking downward as she fell across the main cockpit window of the Garden. With her last glance she peered into the window of the cockpit, almost in slow motion as she saw Squall and Irvine jumping back in utter amazement as she closed her eyes, letting death take her as she finally hit the ocean's hard, frozen surface. Making a huge splash, the water tore deeper into her already exposed wounds, ripping flesh from her shoulder and leg as she sank deeper into the water.
    ©2007-2008 ~DjOceanaica102