• I like you

    Marcy: Dug how are you is football okay?

    Dug:Yeah if you like warming the bench a whole lot.

    (he starts to laugh)

    Marcy:Haha so well did you hear that crazy rumor that I like you?

    (he raises his right eyebrow)

    Dug:Yeah do you feel unconfortable?

    (she moves around on the bench they are sitting on)

    Marcy:Not really I just wanted to say that rumor is not true

    Dug:That's to bad I like you too.

    Marcy:Really?Did you know it was true?

    Dug:Actually I wasn't really sure till after you said it you blushed.

    Marcy: Hey don't make fun.

    (Dug grabs her arm and kisses her for a good 5 seconds)

    The End