• heart Archer in the Moonlight heart
    by: Super Aelita

    A young girl stood in a field, her long hair glistening in the moonlight. A lone target stood 20 feet away, casting a shadow on the grass. The girl carefully loaded an arrow and took aim. Her deep blue eyes stared at the bull's eye and sparkled with silent excitement. Her arms never shook and she kept perfect posture as she inspected the target without the slightest movement. Suddenly, she released the arrow with such grace that it cut through the air as smoothly as a bullet. It hit the target right in the center. The girls lips curled into a faint smile as she strode forward to collect her arrow. When she pulled it from the target, the other marks from her previous outings were revealed. They too were only in the center. The girl placed the arrow in her quiver, scooped up her bow, and walked away without a sound. A gentle breeze swept through her hair as she disappeared into the night.