• I stand alone on a high cliff. Listening to the Waterfall a little ways down from me, I look out across the forest at the tall buildings of the city I live by. A city full of humans, demons of many races, vampires and werewolves. Everyone there gets along so well, even the werewolves and vampires.
    But... why, oh why, is that massive city so difficult to live in?
    The Vampires only feed on the animals or the sickly. So honestly they help us. The werewolves leave the city when full moons come around. The demons send their young to special teachers to train them so they won't flood the city, set it on fire, or electricute over half the population while they test their powers when they hit peuberty.
    So... in that large city in the distance, where everything is in order and fair and easy to take care of, is STILL the most dangerous place to be. I don't understand, maybe I never will, but I still can't help but wonder.

    There could be the factor of our tyrant King, always trying to destroy the human race. Damien always thought that humans were scum and that killing them will clense his kingdom. stare Whatever.

    Well, whatever it is, I met my first love in that city. He may be a jerk, he's confusing, he doesn't care about anyone... he hates my living guts...
    "Hey, Alyssa."
    I jerk around to face the owner of the voice that broke my concentration and...
    "Apeku? W-what are you doing here?" Apeku is the boy that I love but hates me.
    "You looked pretty bored..."
    "I'm not bored. stare " Why the sudden intrest in me?
    "Alright then... you looked lonely, and I'm bored. Is that better?" Apeku said sitting down next to the waterfall. He's a lightning demon! What is he doing next to the water!? Has he gone mad?
    Apeku looked back up at me with those... perfect... beautiful... blue eyes. "What's wrong with you today Alyssa? You look..."
    "Don't worry about it? I-it's just that..."
    "What? The water?" He grinned, showing me his... pure... white... wonderful... teeth. "Something happened a while back and well... see for yourself." Apeku reached over and submerged his whole arm in the water. I was amazed. For the whole two years I've known him, he's never been able to touch water of any kind unless he's drinking it.
    "How are you...? You're not upset by this?"
    "Why would I be? I'm human now I can do anything I was never able to do." I never seen him smile, I mean a REAL smile, before. Wait a second!!!
    "You're human?!"
    "You're a slow one aren't you?"
    "Just now noticed?" I crossed my arms. I smiled, I knew he was kidding with me, even though it was hard to tell most the time. Apeku laughed, a light-hearted... human laugh. Not only did his race change... HE changed. What really happened to him? Did Damien have something to do with this? No, if Damien made Apeku human, then Apeku wouldn't be here.
    "Is there something wrong?" Apeku stood and walked to me. I found myself backing away. Apeku stopped. Something isn't right. I see Apeku right in front of me. That's his voice... but... that's not him!

    "ALYSSA!" I jumped and found myself staring at the city like I was. I turned around and saw him. "You're brothers are looking for you." Apeku said in his usual "why-must-I-always-end-up-telling-HER-these-things?" tone. I guess I got stuck in a dream.
    "Well, you can tell 'em where to find me." I said and turned back around.
    "I'm not a Harry Potter owl!"
    "Oh you actually read one of those books?"
    "Don't get all hissy with me!" Much better. whee