• Long, long, long ago there lived a young girl in a small cottage in the big dark woods. The people in the near by town always kept away from her for she would take there loved ones away for her own sake for love. She turned into a monster and the people had feared her they called her Princess Lockheart. She knows that one day she will find the one for her but it would take a wile for the one to come upon her door step and take her away from this world forever..............

    The rain was falling from the heavens like tears from a lost loved one. The cats and dogs were hiding from the tears as they started to fall harder but one did not a traveler. This traveler was a young man by the name of Camreon. He lived in this town when he was young always hearing the story of the lost princess. Lost her way in her greed for love to be loved.........This has always had an effect on Cameron he wants to meet this princess. Princess Lockheart.

    Cameron walked into a bar that he used to work at but it was sold and now has a new owner. The place was not much different from what it was before. The chairs stilled wobbled the place smelled like smoke. The faces were friendly to each other and you could feel the love in the in the building.

    When Cameron took a seat the bar tender walked over to him with a giant smile plastered on his face.
    "What will it be?" the bar tender said placing down a glass to fill with the foul smelling water.
    "I'll have the heart" Cameron said looking up to the bar tender as he nodded his head and went to work. The bar tender was vary handy he shook the glass gently even though his hands looked hard and ruff. The bar tender stopped and looked at Cameron.
    "You look vary filmier have I seen you before?" the bar tender said then put something in the drink and then placed it in front of Cameron.
    "Well I used to work here when I was younger until this place was sold" Cameron said taking the glass and brought the rim of the glass to his lips.
    "What is your name boy?" the bar tender said looking at Cameron with glassy eyes.
    "My name is.......Cameron......" Cameron said then tipped the glass lightly to get a little taste of the drink on his lips then placed the glass down on the table to look at the bar tenders shocked face.
    "B-b-but your d-d-dead" he said and took out a piece of old news paper that had a pitcher of Cameron on it and the date said 1974-1988. The article said a little something about him something he did not even know about him self. It said Cameron Dendor died in a terrible death he was taken by Princess Lockheart and was never found again we have reason that he was killed and that the Princess has hidden him in the ground some ware but we do not know where so we say that we are vary sorry for your lose Dendor family. Then said more but the text was fading away.

    Cameron took the paper in his own hands and looked a little harder at the fading print but it was un read bull. He gave it back to the bar tender.
    "So Cameron your not dead how? why? can it really be you?" The bar tender said looking into Cameron’s eyes deeply and then he looked a way like a painful memory hit him.
    "What, what is the matter I'm not dead if I'm here right now I must have for gotten what happened to me" Cameron stood up knocking the chair he was sitting in over.

    "Where does Princess Lockheart live?" Cameron said looking down at the bar tender.
    "Deep in the dark woods if you flow the path you'll be lead to her house but please take this with you in case" The bar tender stood up and lead Cameron to the back room and walked to a closet that was in the corner of the room hidden by clutter. The bar tender pushed the clutter away and opened the door it had a sword in it dust had calmed the sword as its home by the looks of it.
    "This sword will protect you if the Princess tries anything on you......please don't tell her who you care about or that one will be taken away from you and you will never see that one again" the bar tender said picking up the sword and giving it to Cameron with teary eyes.
    "So I'm guessing that some one that you loved was taken away from you?" Cameron said taking the sword into his own hands. The bar tender shook his head saying "yes".
    "Well I must get going if I am to reach her in the morning" Cameron said then headed to the door.

    "WAIT" the bar tender yelled. Cameron stoped and turned around.
    "Yes?" he said calmly
    "You remind me of the prince in a story" Cameron froze and listened.
    "The prince name was Prince Dendor...." Cameron was in a state of shock he remembered a little of his life but only the sad things never the happy things. This could have been a happy thing or not but he must find out.
    "I must leave you have been kind I shall repay you when I return" and then Cameron rushed out of the bar carrying the sword and heading for the path in the dark woods.

    Cameron had reached the path leading into the dark woods. He turned a round to look back at the town it was lit with lights of candles and shadow fingers danced in the light. Cameron then turned around again and then walked away from the town and down the ruff dirt path.