• I heard Kiva’s heavy breathing beside me, flowing in and out, in and out. I took comfort in the sound, pacing my breath with it. But I could not sleep well, for I was anxious. My father, a very cruel man, had asked me, early this morning, to go to the upper kingdom. I had asked why, but he would not tell me. The bed chamber was very quiet, dawn slowly rising. Ra has given us another day.
    I heard Kenai slowly walking through the bed chamber, her sandaled feet shuffling toward the window. I sat up, looking around in a daze. Kenai looked over at me, her black hair framing her startled heart-shaped face.
    “You’re up, princesses.” She said quietly. I sighed, wishing she would call me Terra. I stood up slowly, my gaze sweeping across the room. Kiva tossed and turned at my feet.
    “Yes, yes I am.” I replied, as I felt my heart throb. Tears streamed down my face as my mind flashed back to the past few weeks.

    “But Devon!” I screamed, my eyes wet with tears. Devon ran down a sandy path way, his straw sandals slapping the sand with a familiar beat. I pushed myself faster, but breathing became hard, and my eyes unfocused. My head hurt, and I became dizzy. I could hear the blood pounding in my ears, blocking out every other noise.
    “Devon?” My voice sounded small, my vision now clouded with a never ending darkness. The last thing I felt were arms catching me, and sand moving beneath my feet.
    I woke to a startling blue staring me in the eye. I gasped and automatically sat up, but dizziness overtook me, causing me to lay my head back down. My heart pounded, and I closed my eyes, trying to rid the dizziness from my mind. I detected a faint shuffle of sand beside me and my eyes flew open. I hesitantly turned my head, and found myself staring into an unfamiliar face.
    “Who… who are you?” I asked, my voice only escaping in a whisper. I stared up at the strange man.
    “My name is Amun. And I may call you???” His voice was like honey, sweet and flowing.
    “S-s-simart-t-terra….” I answered in a small voice, stuttering twice. “But please, call me Terra.” I blushed, and turned on my side. Amun smiled, looking by strait in the eye. I figeted, feeling uncomfortable. “So… can you answer my questions?”
    “I can try.”
    “Ok then… Were am I? And why am I here?” My voice was stronger. Amuns smile disappeared.
    “I am very sorry, but I can not tell you.” His voice was pained.
    I looked around the room for the first time. The room I was in was small, but still managed to have a lot of space. The walls were made of wood and stone, and the floor was only sand. A stone door was to my right, and another bed was to my far left. There was two a windows; one on my left and a window to my right, next to the door. The sun was setting, turning the walls and sand a deep pink. I looked back to Amun, only to find that during my assessment of the room, he had moved to a dark wood chair by the door.
    When he stood up, he had a cloth in his hand. His voice was just a wisper, but I could hear him clearly enough. “Im so sorry, Terra, but im gonna have to move you. And you can’t be awake.” He placed the cloth over my face, but I didn’t struggle. Black clouded my vision, and I fell limp.