• I'm an orphan, abandoned on the streets of Embasar. I was three when I found my best friend. She was trying to steal food without the merchant noticing, but she took to long and to much and she was caught. I grabed her hand and we ran to the woods, to a secret haven I had made for myself. Amazed and hungry, I gave her food and let her look at the design of my fortress.
    That morning I learned that she was, like myself, three years old, her name was Layta, and she loved military work.
    When we were eight, a boy named Naton found us in the woods. He was ten years old, pale, hungry, and had blood seeping from a wound to his head. After cleaning and wraping his head I gave him food and water. It started to rain, so I went to close all of the doors so we wouldn't be flooded.
    I came back into the room were I had left Naton and found him asleep in the chair.
    Ever since then we have been in seprable. Even thought it was bad for us.
    Every town we came to, we were watched, followed, and we always knew why. Our faces were on every wanted poster in Chal. We didn't know why, but we never could stay any were long.
    When we were traveling in a dense forest one day, we stumbled across a small tiger cub. weak and hungry it came to the dried venison i held out for it. He greedily ate all that I gave him, and when he was done, he laid in my arms and sighed.
    As he slept in my arms, I decided on a name for him. His fur was as white as new fallen snow, his eyes a light, clear, blue. He looked like he had hot springs in the middle of his face. So that is what I named him. The name meaning hot springs in my language is Nato. Layta smiled and told me she loved the name.
    Ever since then the attacks have been worse, the times have hit us harder, but we still trudge on, looking for our destiny in the next town. But always there is something to stop us...