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  • Artist Info: I am a very nice, happy person. Who even though I am getting better at not being naive I still have a long way to go. I am considered sadistic at times cause I can Threatin torture in just the exact way that the person I am threatining will realize they will only die at the end of my torture plan. I can also come up with evil plans off the top of my head and I try to inact them. I am also known to use water torcher, teletubbies torcher, and my favirote of all is insurting a chemical under the skin waiting three days and making a cut near the, ear enabling me to remove the skin whole with only one cut.<br />
    Now that I have scared you for life...I will tell you that I am an obsessed anime, video game, and manga fan. I even made my own club called Oro(Obsession Running OVertime). Its quite fun. So we basically hang around at club meetings doing what ever comes to mind.<br />
    I am a happy-go-lucky person who will do anything for money and probably use all the money imidiatily on a trip to a book store or hot topic. I have lots of siblings and I love to annoy people!
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