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  • Artist Info: Hello, this is Kirrii Araasan. Why the hell the weird name with umpteen double letters? 1) Because I like the sound of the name Kirrii (that's Kee-ree). 2) Araasan is based off the word artisan, cuz I'm kinda an artist, and 3)Double letters are just fun.^^<br />
    Anyway, I like Le Portrait de Petit Cossette, Sweeney Todd, history, Susan Holloway Scott, Edgar Allan Poe and music (even though I have no talent whatsoever for making it or dancing to it).<br />
    I am currently trying to teach myself a little Japanese (and not getting too far sweatdrop ), trying to improve my drawing skills, as always, and maybe starting getting on Gaia a few times a week now that I've broken my addiction and shifted it to Playlist.com!^^<br />
    So, now that I've bored you to death with random crap you probably don't care about, enjoy my profile!^^
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