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  • Artist Info: I am Rose. im 16 and i hate my life. i love scarry movies, i think there funnie. i love anime. Im in drama club with Julia and Steff, two of best firends. Eney time i see a squirl i stop talking and yell OOOO, SQUIREL!!! (im random ^^ hehe)My best friends are Caitlin, Kai, Mike, Rosnic^^, Sherly, Steff and, well, the people i always talk to up hear. (you know who you are) i am a real blond natrual not dye. im a leftie^^ i like to draw, paint, wright, and make stuf(yes i do) i like quoting people, shows, poetry, or books. Becca, her brother, and i play a game whare we say random quotes from animes, so fun! iv never studied yet iv never got bleo a B. wtf? my brain is awsom.<br />
    My favorate sayings,<br />
    1. Bite me!<br />
    2. shoo shoo said the madin. come little madin said the raddit, hop on my bunnie tail and ill take you to my rabbit huch.<br />
    3. stick that in your jucebox and suck it<br />
    4. stuff it<br />
    my nicknames, umm well Trable (devin's idea, it means table trole) <br />
    emo bunnie (its what i named my hoddie-it has bunnie ears- and every one calles me that when i ware it), Sparkie (Teanna, Devin and i all got stripper names and that is mine) at eney given moment of emey given day, you can find me waring black. i hate the color pink. LOVE Dr. Pepper. i am actualy blond not just stupid. for true^^ and no im obsesed with achevements....<br />
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