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    YAY for my bday i was given a poem thank you denso <3<br />
    On a rainy Night <br />
    There was no light <br />
    Now in the world of the blind <br />
    All seems to be in a bind <br />
    There was no escape <br />
    There was no hope <br />
    There was no life in sight <br />
    Which couldve been a light <br />
    As darkness devours all light <br />
    There will be an eternal night <br />
    As dark as a night may be <br />
    There are still some that could see <br />
    So all hope is not lost <br />
    But simply in a frost <br />
    If this could be defrost <br />
    There will be a chance for light <br />
    Although it wont be bright <br />
    But hey, at least well have our sight.<br />
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