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    Name: Fire (Not really)<br />
    Age: You don't need to know~<br />
    I am a: Girl,thank you very much.<br />
    Where I live STALKER! I like in the U.S.A. Yes, I'm American. But I'm not no stuck up in everybody's business type of person.<br />
    How I act?: I'm shy in real life but here on gaia, I'm nice to people, since they don't know who exactly I am. I do get a temper very easily. And can be very lazy<br />
    Loves: Nature Photography, animals, helping animals, cameras, SNAKES (Go reptiles), Drawing (not that great at it though), learning new things. Anime and Manga. Reading. Stephen King books. My Chemical Romance. This isn't a love but it isn't a hate, its a like. I do like listening to country music. I know some people don't like it. But when you grow up hearing it most of your life you learn to like it. ^_^ Anyway, its better then rap (BLEH!)<br />
    HATES!: Sterotypes, goody-toe shoes, people who think they know it all, but in reality don't know anything. SPIDERS (EEK!), Rats, and NEEDLES. I hate needles. =( PEOPLE WHO STEAL ART. I shall find you if you steal mine, trust me! Sparkling Vampires (yes Twilight I'm talking about you!) Rap,I can't stand it, at all. Well, I do listen to some if I'm in a good mood.<br />
    My Deviant http://xx-xxakaraxx-xx.deviantart.com/
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