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  • Artist Info: Im just me... i can only be me..<br />
    nothing other than just plain me<br />
    you can choose to like me<br />
    you can choose to hate me<br />
    i dont care how you feel<br />
    i cant change what you feel<br />
    but just remember...<br />
    you cant change me<br />
    because i am me... i can only be me...<br />
    nothing more than just plain ME<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    MORE FOR U <br />
    Once upon a time, Once upon a shattered world, An emo girl walked alone, no one to rely, no one to depend, then two torn lights, came as one over this broken heart, One oh so far away, One close to my side, A girl with a sweet kiss A boy with a calming voice Slowly saved me from this hell Pain used to eclipse this tortured soul, But with fear of looseing one or the other, this girl is stuck between roads, I will choose the one who means more to me, The girl with the sweet smile, even so, how could i like this boy so much, why is he on my mind, why does my heart throb When i hear his voice. I don't know what to do I'm afraid to talk to him, What would he do, what would he say? You never know until you try. But i don't want her to go, i want her to stay The pain driveling this emo girl crazy I don't know what to do! Maybe i should just quit, and pretend i never felt just then.
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