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  • Artist Info: Soooo..<br />
    I'm Firakusu, but usually I go by ShiShi. I have a deviantART account, Shinigami-Shintai where I display my art. I do draw for money, so feel free to commission me. If it's reasonable, I'll draw for gold, too. <br />
    <br />
    Currently I work for my mom, and I haaaate this job. I'm looking for another one, since I don't even make minimum wage. I NEED money. I no longer live at home, and have bills to pay, ya know? <br />
    Plus I have this really expensive hobby. =.=; Dolls.~<br />
    <br />
    I play violin too, and have three cats, all of which just had kittens, and a puppy that I'm not too fond of. I don't like dogs. My fiance's mom gave her to us without asking if we wanted her first. That's another reason I need money. We've had her a week and she's eaten up both our paychecks. <br />
    We need food. >:
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