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  • Artist Info: name: Robin<br />
    nickname: has many<br />
    gender: female<br />
    species : human, i think<br />
    element: wind, why: because i love nothing more than standing up on a cliff over everything feeling the wind blow through my hair, i also want wings more than anything else. <br />
    powers: psychic powers, yes they are real, i also have a bit of medium in me<br />
    hates the most in the world: being alone, being hated, being ignored, <br />
    you feel: like i walk through a crowd full of people but unless that one person is there they might as well be nobody<br />
    shy: horribly, but also kind<br />
    have been called: the kindest person you will meet, gods best angel, the female Jesus(no lie)<br />
    crys: often, but i promise to stop it<br />
    have you had your heart broken: hard to see when it was not<br />
    animal: bird<br />
    i am a : poet, a writer, a dreamer , a girl whp stil has her inocence even after all that has happened<br />
    past,: dark and cold<br />
    futre: cant wait for it<br />
    love: found my soul mate<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I got my page from coolpresets.com
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