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    <br />
    Yo~<br />
    I'm Dai, and I am -42346 years old. C: <br />
    I love music. <3 Especially Jrock. ;3<br />
    (But I guess you could call me a V-kei nerd... Sorry if you hate it. :/ )<br />
    Overly religious people irritate me.<br />
    I love to draw. <3<br />
    I like to sing.<br />
    I like all the colors of the rainbow~ But pink and black are mah favorite. : D<br />
    Japanese stuffs is awesome. <3<br />
    I love languages. I want to learn Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and many others. Learning a couple of those. ;D<br />
    I hope to become a translator/interpreter.<br />
    I HATE heat.<br />
    I LOVE snow.<br />
    You ROCK for reading all of this.<br />
    I hope to travel the world someday.<br />
    Pineapple is the greatest fruit on the planet. D:<br />
    Peppermints are the shiz.<br />
    I'm pretty open-minded.<br />
    I'm also kinda shy. (AND I HATE IT. D: )<br />
    I probably won't come right up to you and start talking.<br />
    Don't be a jerk to me or anyone I know, 'cause you will die.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Bye bye now~ (:3=
    <br />
    <br />
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