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  • Artist Info: HeLLo EvErYoNe!!! my name is ChRiStY if you didnt already know. I'm 16. I'm around 5'5 - 5'6, i have long-ish brown hair with red highlights. Its probably down to like uh the middle of my back maybe. Brown eyes. Nothing interesting. <br />
    Umm...Im 1/2 peruvian and 1/2 puerto rican. Im a *JUNIOR* at East High. And im very girly. <br />
    I guess you can say that im REALLY talkative!!! and im not so into shy people, i mean its cute, but boring!!!...hmm...lets see, things i do::: i play soccer, listen to music (it always leads to me singing!), party(fosho), i love doing other peoples hair!(coming up with new styles is my thing!)...things i cant do::: sleep with pants or socks on!(i hate it!), i cant play basketball!(i suck! but i love the sport ne ways!), i cant stay quiet!(unless im tired, then im just dead)....well im done with typing! its BORING! <br />
    -&gt;If you want to talk more just add me on msn (just tell me if you are or i'll think its sum phycho and wont add ya): christysweetypie@hotmail.com
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