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    Call me Matt. I am the worlds biggest ass, most of the time. I don't care about the problems you try to put on me, or what I've done to you. I am who I am. What More do you want me to be? Writing is my passion. When I'm not being an as, I'm the kind of person who's protective over people he's just met, a little spaz-ticcc, and calm about everything. I give great advice, or so I'm told. I'm also not dumb enough to use my real name in this. Yeah, I'm a 17 year old guy, but I enjoy writing romance stories. Got a problem with it? Go fuck a doorknob. That's not all I write, I do action and adventure, too. I have a problem with people who think they can kick my ass, just because I don't look strong. I don't like things like football, I like martial arts. I don't like rap, I'm 100% rock. I don't often go out with friends, I stay home and write. I don't dress emo or scene, I dress how I like to. Don't you dare put me in with any clique or group. That's all I am, and all I'll ever be. If I wanted to change, I would. So don't bitch at me about how I act. You don't like me, not my problem. I'm proud of who I am, so screw off.
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