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  • Artist Info: Howdy. I'm 19 now 20 21 years old. Getting old. eek 22<br />
    Im currently a student, studying Graphics Design and multimedia, on my last year, Woohoo! Finished college, and has suddenly realised that the only person keeping me from doing what i want to do is myself....and a few family members. So now, I am an unemployed bum searching for a way to get into a world of art :3 As well as a real job. I have a job! Woo! STILL HAVE A JOB! WOO!<br />
    Im usually discribed as the quiet type who sits in a corner and reads but, im not that creepy anymore, i actually answer people now if they ask me questions, rather than just one word answers. I'm generally a serious person, and would prefer to be told that i look terrible rather than being lied too. To new people i seem quiet, but thats just because i planning ways of burying you within my mind..........i kid, maybe.<br />
    I'm an artistic and odd thinking person, and would love you if you take time to read my webcomic and give feedback or comment. Link to comic can be found in sig. I don't even mind if your comments are harsh, as long as you point out whats bad about it. No one can improve without harsh words and critique every now and then, can they?
    <br />
    <br />
    What i like:<br />
    Drawing<br />
    Gaming<br />
    Movies<br />
    Comedians<br />
    Painting<br />
    Writing Storytelling<br />
    Daydreaming<br />
    Making things<br />
    Tea<br />
    Reading - Supernatural/Fantasy/crime<br />
    Anime<br />
    Manga<br />
    Grape soda<br />
    Night time<br />
    The quiet
    <br />
    <br />
    What i hate:<br />
    Water<br />
    Willow trees<br />
    Kids<br />
    People drawing over my drawings<br />
    Immaturity<br />
    People<br />
    Looking in my mug finding i have no tea left <br />
    Walking<br />
    Long car trips - Travel sickness<br />
    Big headed, son of a bitche's who think only off themselves.<br />
    Loud music<br />
    Crowded places<br />
    Having my back to a room<br />
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