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    AllieAttackk!<br />
    <br />
    Honestly, I never come on Gaia anymore, just like any other website, it's lost it's touch, it's sparkle, it's originality. The internet is just a boring place, myspace isn't anymore exciting neither is Facebook. I only have them to connect with people, & everything else is only for the crap I do at my 5 seconds when I'm actually home :<br />
    Myspace.com/vivianslegitlikethat<br />
    formspring.me/allieboo<br />
    Dailybooth.com/allieattackk<br />
    allieattackk.tumblr.com<br />
    <br />
    I'm just a simple girl, who never asked to be born, nor ever asked to have the life I have, but hey, it could be worse.<br />
    I have an addiction to nicotine and vicodin. I think marijuana is a stupid drug, but i am a hypocrite, i smoke it every so often not to often though, to me there is no excitement to it anymore. Drinking is alright, until you know you're screwed.<br />
    Besides being not too under the influence, I love to draw, hang with my friends, listen to music, NOT go to skool, mess things up, cuss, do my make up, and eat. I think the world would be hell if we never had food.. especially eggs.<br />
    <br />
    I hate listening to bs & I'm very straight forward.
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