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  • Artist Info: Damn you Brandy, for tempting me to get one of these! lol just kidding anyways, I'm a strange girl who's easily amused, anyone who knows me will tell you the same. I like hanging out with my friends more than anything. I have a unconditional love for Nightmare Before Christmas and an addiction to anime lol. My friends mean the world to me and to be without anyone of them would be unbearable. My friends and music are the medicine that cure me when I'm down. I really only listen to punk and rock music, but I keep an open mind for the most part. I can't be left alone with a pen because I will start drawing on myself, but I love doing it. I draw on others if they want. I've also been told I write beautifully when it comes to writing poems, so I guess you could call me a writer too lol *Two finger salute* to Colleen for being so awesome and nothing is ever gonna change that. I can bend over backwards to help you up when you're down, or I can pretend to help you up but push you back down again, you decide which person you want me to be to you. There's one thing that kind of separates me from the rest of the people I hang out with that are punks(we don't like labels, but that is something you could label us as, but other than that we are just ourselves and nothing more) is that I've been this way since I was born and I don't intend to change the way I am for anyone. I don't really like color either, I used to wear it like all people that had their color phases, some people continued to wear color some chose to wear certain colors or just one color in particular. I chose to wear black. It's a great color that everyone looks good in. I respect the rights of other colors to be colors, but that doesn't mean I have to like them. I do like some colors, I just don't wear them. My clothes have colors on them obviously, but I don't wear shirts that are colored anymore really. My color phase is over and it probably won't come back, one of the only times you may see me wearing color by chance may be Halloween or when I'm in my pjs. Other than that you don't see much color in my wardrobe. There is a little bit like my arm warmers and stuff but that's about it.I think you should never try to be something you're not, just because someone wants you to be something they like better. Be yourself and don't listen to any idiots who tell you otherwise. They probably have no idea what they're talking about and are insecure about themselves. If you're going to change, do it because you want to, not because someone is forcing you to. If people can't accept you for who you are then they aren't worth it. And to quote Gerard Way, "Girls are perfect the way they are, they don't need to change." "And if you've ever felt angry and felt like no one cares, you're not alone."<br />
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