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  • Artist Info: Not sure what to say. I consider myself to be boring, a bit strange, sometimes out of touch with current events. I am 27, happily married, have a four year old daughter and a small cat. My book interests are H.P. Lovecraft and the rest of the mythos of that time period, Edgar A. Poe, some Anne Rice, Tom Holland's Lord of the Dead. I enjoy playing video games, yes, I am female. I enjoy the Elder Scrolls, Star Ocean, Fall Out, Dragon Age and a few others mainly fantasy based. Music is a favorite of mine, I love Android Lust, Emilie Autumn, Blutengel, The Cruxshadows, VNV Nation, Diorama, Unwoman, Godsmack, Marilyn Manson, Older Cradle of Filth, and 80's metal, and more. Movies are kind of hard for me since I have not seen a lot of them or a lot of shows, but I do love Repo the Genetic Opera, Strange Land, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, Xena Warrior Princess (don't look at me like that, you know Ares was hot), Invader Zim, and I love the Hannibal Lector movies. I like vampires, as in Interview with a Vampire kind of Vampire, not Twilight. I will not offend anyone for liking this type though. I am not of any religion, but will tolerate any or all religions who are kind and don't force their beliefs upon me. I have had a difficult life growing up, but have managed to turn my life around and find something worth living for, doesn't mean that I am always happy or never have any issues, but I will say that any issues I am facing today are ten times better than what I have faced as a child. Life is hard, but we make it through. I am sometimes too nice, but can be very blunt and straight forward to friends. I am very much so addicted to chocolate. My husband has a secret hidden chocolate stash and I must ask permission for one. I talk to myself, jump and squeak when I am scared, have insomnia, daydream, and doodle with permanent markers. I like to draw and write. I also play tabletop rpg's like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, and Dragon Age.<br />
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