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    I'm awfully negative and pessimistic, but highly intelligent and level-headed. I like to treat the world rather indifferently, watching with morbid interest as people ruin their lives so that I can say 'I told you so'.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Should you care,<br />
    <br />
    I'm Ilse.<br />
    I hate dumb people,<br />
    Majority of the population nowadays.<br />
    I despise anime.<br />
    I hate being "deep",<br />
    I'd rather dig a hole to be deep.<br />
    But I do it anyway for grades.<br />
    I'm one of those Amazon women,<br />
    with my height that is.<br />
    My GPA is 100.7<br />
    I don't wear skinny jeans,<br />
    I'd rather run around in a T-shirt and Daisy Dukes.<br />
    I play Viola.<br />
    I'm a lifegaurd,<br />
    A swimmer,<br />
    A Sophmore,<br />
    People don't like me because I'm too smart.<br />
    People don't like me because I'm too pretty.<br />
    Deadly combination right there,<br />
    Life sucks in that way, huh?:/
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